NUC with Intel Broadwell

At the Mobile World Conference, Intel presented two new models of NUC, one addressed to the user consumer and one to the professional  will also be available. The first will be called Rock Canyon and will be equipped with a Core i3 or i5 new generation processor, support for hard drives, 2.5-inch SSD, miniHDMI, USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks for headphones and microphone, modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, support for 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) and for configurations up to 3 displays via miniDP.

NUC with Intel Broadwell

The NUC Rock Canyon also will be also equipped with an infrared remote control and a replaceable lid. For the professional segment we have the Maple Canyon that features the Broadwell new generation processor, with the Turbo Boost technology. These processors will also be available in vPro version for remote management of the problems and will also integrate a TPM chip for encryption of sensitive data by hardware. It also supports configurations for up to 3 displays and 4K resolutions via 2 miniDP, and also have all the other features described for the consumer variant. The slide makes no mention of specific release date, and mentions no market price.

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