Nvidia Radeon 490 and 490x release date

It always happens that the closer the date of release of a highly anticipated product, the greater number of rumors and more weight they arise. On this occasion we get a rumor that the release date of the upcoming graphics cards AMD , based architecture Polaris , could reach the market in late June.

Nvidia Radeon 490 and 490x release date

Actually it is quite logical, as AMD promised that the first graphic architecture Polaris arrive in the first half of this year, so the end of June would be precisely the end of the deadline set by the manufacturer. In this case we speak of the theoretical AMD Radeon R9 490 and 490x, which would top end of the new graphics architecture that in this case not only changes lithography but also memory, because in this case we would have graphics memory HBM2 with twice the performance than the previous one.

This is what is supposed, in any case, since it is known that most graphics R9 400 series AMD would graphics memory GDDR5X and not HBM2, reserving the latter only for top graphics cards range that is precisely the first that always rumored to hit the market in late June. Anyway back to remind pair that does not leave doubt that what we are dealing with are mere rumors and no official confirmation of absolutely nothing by the manufacturer.

In fact, in the Capsaicin event that AMD held during the GDC event, the manufacturer showed a release schedule in showing that the HBM2 memory will not come until early 2017, so there is still a possibility that they Radeon R9 490 and 490x GDDR5X come equipped with memory and HBM2, which if I may think it would be a failure for AMD because NVIDIA itself has confirmed that its graphics are also Pascal will have HBM2 falling memory.

Recall that the AMD Radeon R9 490 and 490x form part of the Polaris 10 architecture, focused on the segment of high-end, while the graphics architecture Polaris 11 will arrive a little later will be focused on the mid-range and have graphics memory GDDR5X but will share lithography with Polaris 10.