Olixar Aluminium iPhone 6 Rose Gold Review

Rose Gold cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are very popular right now and one of the best are the Olixar aluminum iPhone 6 / 6s cases out there. It features a sleek premium polycarbonate shell and a rose gold bumper case that protects the sides of the iPhone.

Olixar Aluminium iPhone 6S review

The back cover has a mirror finish to it and it looks very impressive in person.

Olixar Aluminium iPhone 6S review

First, insert the phone face down on to the bumper part. Then close the rear by polycarbonate shell. Bottom of the case has openings for 3.5mm jack where you can plug in your iPhone earphones or any third party earphones. I had no trouble in charging the phone too.

Olixar Aluminium iPhone 6S review

The volume buttons can be pressed easily and so is the power button. The mute button is left exposed but is easily reachable.

The entire package looks amazing in person. Your iPhone 6s still feels excellent in hand – just as it feels without the case. You can find more iPhone 6s cases at mobilefun.co.uk.

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