OnePlus One exploded, burnt while charging

We have heard about Samsung Galaxy note 7 bursting into flames when charging with micro USB to USB type-C adapter but this is the first time we are hearing something similar for a OnePlus One phone. The user was charging the phone using the original micro USB charger. After only two hours before it exploded into pieces.

OnePlus One India explosion

He woke up to discover flames coming out of the phone. He says he was lucky that there was a leather sheet on the wooden bed so fire did not spread. What annoyed the customer a lot was the fact that the incident happened on August 22 and company did not give a single reply to him. Here is the video by him that we posted on Youtube by stabilizing it a bit(he took video in portrait mode).

The OnePlus One phone is now at the service center and he is also assured he will get a new phone. This is the reply we were sent when we asked OnePlus support about the incident.

To be more precise, its the lithium batteries that explodes. A lot of courier and logistic companies classify lithium batteries as a ‘Dangerous Goods’ due to their tendency to explode. There has been numerous reports about phones exploding or catching on fire. The risk of this happening increases when you us inferior or cheap batteries.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers. We are confident in the quality of our products, which all undergo industry-leading safety tests. We are already in touch with this customer, but since this is an open case, we cannot disclose any further information.

OnePlus One India explosion

It’s really tampering the brand image of OnePlus for sure, at least in India where its phones are quite popular for offering a lot of power for cheap. Maybe the room temperature the reason for that. But hey, one Nexus 6P too blasted in Canada but it’s a cold country. This has really put me on a doubt.

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