Asus Arez graphics cards announced

Asus Arez graphics cards

Asus has changed its for AMD Radeon RX-series graphics cards. This means that the Nvidia graphics cards will continue to carry STRIX brand name and AMD GPUs will carry AREZ branding. This will help gamers identify an Asus branded AMD GPU easily. These graphics cards will be made available in selected markets from May 2018. Asus has upgraded the software too with each AREZ GPU coming with GPU Tweak II that makes gaming and overclocking easier than ever. With just one clock, you will be able to maximize system performance by getting rid of redundant processes and allocating all the available resources automatically to the game.

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Intel Core i7-8650U vs Core i7-8550U benchmark: which processor is best for your laptop

Intel Core i7-8650U vs Core i7-8550U benchmark

Today we benchmark the Intel Core i7-8650U and the Intel Core i7-8550U, what should be in our future laptop? If we look at the specifications of these processors we find very similar data. Both processors are part of the eighth generation Kaby Lake R and are manufactured using the 14 nm process. Both have a maximum of four cores and eight threads, with a TDP of 15 W and integrated graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620. If we continue reading your file, we find that they support dual-channel DDR4 RAM up to 2400 MHz and the sets Manual, AVX2, Quick Sync, Virtualization and AES-NI.

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Review: Western Digital Green 240 GB, a cheap SSD to improve the performance of your PC

Western Digital Green 240 GB review

Today we can have a top-of-the-range computer, with a next generation Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics, 64 GB of RAM and two 4 TB hard drives each, which, both when starting and when trying to play relatively new games, we will have problems, and those responsible will also be the latter. For a long time, the bottleneck of computers has been on hard drives, and they are very slow compared to the speed of other components. Therefore, if we really want to take advantage of the performance of a PC it is necessary to resort to the new SSD and, if we also want an economic option, a great alternative is the Western Digital 240 GB. Western Digital is one of the leading manufacturers of hard drives in the market. Taking advantage of the boom SSDs were having, in 2015 this company took over Sandisk, a manufacturer that had already entered the SSD market so that WD could easily enter this new market and continue with its same range of products.

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Alldocube Knote Review: a 2 in 1 convertible fit for all budgets

Alldocube Knote Review

Although the ARM tablet market with Android or iOS operating systems is currently a bit stagnant, the market for convertible tablets with Windows operating system and processors with x86-64 architecture is slowly opening up gap among users, especially among those who They look for a tablet or a small laptop , that works acceptably and, above all, that it is economical. And one of the models that meets all these features is the convertible tablet 2 in 1 Allotocube Knote.

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Coinbase CryptoCurrency Exchange sued for insider trading

This is a class action on behalf of all Coinbase customers who placed purchase, sale or trade orders with Coinbase or the GDAX in connection with Coinbase’s launch of BCH during the period of December 19, 2017 through and including December 21, 2017 (the “Class Period”) and who suffered monetary loss as a result of Defendants’ wrongdoing (the “Class”). Excluded from the Class are Defendants, any entity owned or controlled by them, and any officer, director, employee or agent of any of the Defendants, and any heirs, assigns, or family members of any individual defendant.

coinbase insider trading

Coinbase is one of the most popular and accessible exchanges for the purchase, sale and use of Bitcoins, with more customers than Charles Schwab. By opening a Coinbase account, a person can obtain Bitcoins, and either buy and sell them or use them as currency with retailers and other businesses who accept Bitcoin as payments. Coinbase maintains a digital currency exchange known as the GDAX, which caters primarily to institutional and professional currency traders.

Coinbase customers can set up what is known as a wallet, in which they keep their Bitcoins for later use or for investment.

As one of the largest exchanges for the purchase and sale of Bitcoin, (and effectively a monopoly), the issue of whether Coinbase will maintain a market and support a cryptocurrency is essential to people who want to buy or sell the currencies. On about August 6, 2017, Coinbase abruptly changed course, and announced that it would allow current Coinbase customers at the time of the hard fork to withdraw their BCH but not until January 2018, but that it still would not support the currency.

On December 19, 2017, a month after tipping off its own employees as to when it would commence fully supporting BCH, Coinbase suddenly announced that it was opening up its books to the buying and selling of BCH within minutes after its announcements.

Unsurprisingly, those who had been tipped off, immediately swamped Coinbase and the GDAX with buy and sell orders, thinning the liquidity but obtaining BCH at fair prices. The market effect was to unfairly drive up the price of BCH for non-insider traders once BCH came on line on the Coinbase exchange.

The remaining Coinbase customers, however, were not so lucky. Within minutes, but after its insiders were able to sell their shares, Coinbase stopped the trading in BCH, and cancelled the outstanding orders of other customers, claiming that there was no more liquidity in the issue. They opened BCH for purchase, sale and trading the next day, and again within minutes, closed the books and cancelled all the outstanding order while insiders and those who had prior knowledge of Coinbase’s confidential information, were able to buy, sell and trade.

When Coinbase’s customers’ trades were finally executed, it was only after the insiders had driven up the price of BCH, and thus the remaining Bitcoin customers only received their BCH at artificially inflated prices that had been manipulated well beyond the fair market value of BCH at that time.

Rumors of insider trading, given the one month tip off that Coinbase gave to its employees, immediately started circulating. Although the Company, through its chief executive officer, Armstrong publicly announced that the Company had an insider trading policy, and that it was undertaking an internal investigation of the insider trading allegation, to date, neither Armstrong nor the Company has disclosed the result of its purported investigation.

Plaintiff brings this action on behalf of all Coinbase customers who were harmed by the Company’s changing statements in connection with its launch of BCH, and who were damaged by Defendants’ negligence in the handling of the launch.

This action is brought under diversity jurisdiction under the Class Action Fairness Act, 28 U.S.C. §1332(d), in that the named Plaintiff is a citizen of a state different from the Defendants, and the aggregate amount in controversy for all Class members exceeds $5,000,000, exclusive of interest and costs.

Venue is proper in this Judicial District pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1391(b) and Section 27 of the Exchange Act (15 U.S.C. § 78aa(c)). Substantial acts in furtherance of the alleged conduct have occurred in this Judicial District. Many of the acts charged herein, including the dissemination of materially false and/or misleading information and the manipulation of the Company’s stock, occurred in substantial part in this Judicial District, as did the acts of negligence.

Plaintiff is a citizen of Arizona. On December 19, 2017, at 5 p.m. PST, Plaintiff attempted to purchase BCH within five minutes of Coinbase announcing that it was going to support BCH. Plaintiff’s orders were not executed until 1:06 p.m. December 20, at which time, Plaintiff learned that his order was executed and that he had purchased BCH at the inflated price of $4,200.98 per BCH. Plaintiff’s order was executed at prices 100% greater than the price at the time that he submitted his buy order.

Coinbase maintains its principal place of business in San Francisco, California and is incorporated in Delaware. It is one of the most powerful digital currency exchanges in the world, buying and selling Bitcoin, BCH, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

It does so through a secure platform, in which customers can buy, sell, transfer or store their digital current in electronic wallets. Although Coinbase maintains a digital currency exchange known as the GDAX, for the most part, it services professional traders and institutions, leaving Coinbase to act and the main broker and underwriter for retail customers wishing to purchase digital currencies.

MSI H310-F PRO mining motherboard supports Intel Coffeelake processors

MSI H310-F PRO specifications

With the rise of mining difficulty, the mining craze in cryptocurrency space has toned down in a big way but the companies have not given up. MSI has churned out a new motherboard that supports the LGA1151 socket that support Intel Coffeelake processors. So, if you planning to make a new mining rig with upcoming Pentium and Celeron processors, the MSI H310-F PRO will have you covered.

With 12x PCIe x1 and 1x PCIe x16 slot, the MSI H310-F PRO can handle upto 13 GPUs at a time. There are Molex power connectors in the box that will provide support for the additional GPU power requirements. There are four fan connectors and 2x DDR4 RAM slots. This makes it one of the best motherboard for miners.

This motherboard will be excellent for those who run massive GPU farms. Each machine will be able to run 13 graphics card simultaneously. While people will soon be moving away from Ethereum mining, they will still be able to do Ethereum Classic mining, which was the original Ethereum chain. There are plenty of other cryptocurrencies like Groestlcoin, Vertcoin, Zcash that would require miners to keep their network up and process transactions. However, mining is profitable only for a few. via videocardz

Chuwi Surfbook CWI538 review: Is Chuwi Surfbook CWI538 a good buy?

chuwi surfbook review

The Chuwi Surfbook CWI538 is a 2in1 tablet with Microsoft Windows 10 Home operating system and powerful features. It has size of mini laptop but comes with tons of premium features to differentiate itself from rest of the popular mini laptops. You can choose from the tablet PC with 64 and 128 GB of RAM, with a total of 6 GB of RAM. It is available for 330 dollars/euros online.

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Siege Saga is available on Steam: PlayZilla’s SIEGE SAGA Out Today on PC

Siege Saga steam download

PlayZilla, an application developing house from Russia has released their new project today on the Steam, a cartoonish 2D physics puzzle sandbox. It is available on PC for 3.99 dollars. The Siege Saga is very much like the Angry Birds but in this, you protect the Royal Family from a terrible siege by building defensive walls using logs, stone blocks and beams made of steel, as well as ropes, gas balloons and many other objects. Your enemies will be armed with catapults, ballistas, cannons and mortars, and they can even use a dragon and an earthquake to make your defense struggle.

The game contains more than 100 levels in four different environments – countryside, the desert, the icelands and the tropics. The game is localized in 7 languages and it contains a level editor to challenge other users.

Here are the features of the Siege Saga game:

* More than 100 levels of increasingly difficult puzzles
* Different kinds of siege weapons to test out your constructions
* 4 distinct environments: countryside, the desert, the icelands and the tropics.
* Different materials to build from –wood, metal, ropes, balloons, etc.
* Beautiful, stylised art style
* Available in 7 languages
* Dozens of Achievements
* Level Editor

Steam store: