Is antivirus for android really needed?

It is a mind bending fact that even the playstore is brimming with malware applications right now. In fact, few days back, a malware by the name of DroidDream has popped up which is said to have

How to convert ZCash to Currency: Zcash to USD EUR INR

If you are recently started mining Zcash, you might be confused on how to convert Zcash to currency (eg, USD, EUR, INR etc) that you can use in daily life. We have made a small tutorial on

Download Wileyfox Swift 2 Debloater to clean up android phone

Folks at Wileyfox have started rolling out android 7 to their Swift 2 users and there is a lot of bloatware onboard. This is why some people are looking for some easy way to get rid of

Download lineage OS for Wileyfox Swift 2

Developer behind lineage OS has released a testing ROM for the Wileyfox Swift 2. And since it is in heavy development state, make sure to backup entire device. The ROM brings numerous enhancements and improvements over the

Download Wileyfox Swift 2 Recovery Image and Fastboot Image

Recover images of Wileyfox Swift 2 android phone are now available for download. This will help you get your phone to factory state if something goes wrong with it. We have also got hold of the fastboot

Laptop Requirements for AutoCAD / Solidworks 2017: Recommended Laptop Specifications for AutoCAD by university

Are you in the market looking for best AutoCAD laptop or laptop for Solidworks and too confused because there are so many laptops out there? Do not worry as the experts at mytechpartner will help you in

Acer Revo Cube RN76 powered by Intel kabylake processors launched for 599 dollars

Acer Revo Cube RN76 is the latest mini PC to hit the market. This is the third generation of Acer Revo mini PCs which is doing quite well in US and other markets. At first glance, the

Acer Chromebook Spin 11 Review: Chromebook Spin 11 with Wacom Pen at 399 dollars

This is the review of the Acer Chromebook Spin 11 which was launched back in January 2017. There are two colors available for it – white and black. The black one will be sold only to the

Galaxy S8 UI for Samsung J5 2016: Download S8 dream UI for Galaxy J5 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 UI has been ported to Galaxy J5. It is compatible with these models, J510MN, J510FN, J510GN, J510F, J510H, J510Y and J510FQ. For this, you will be installing custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy J5

Download stock recovery for Moto G4 Plus

Stock recovery for Moto G4 Plus can be downloaded from here. Stock recovery for the Moto G4 Plus can be required for a variety of reasons. The first and foremost is to claim the warranty which will