Poor battery life in Macbook 12 2015 laptop

So you just bought yourself the mew shiny Apple Macbook 2015 laptop only to find out it has poor battery life. Apple claims that Macbook 12 has all day battery life but we have been receiving reports that it has less than stellar battery runtimes. So how would you improve Macbook 12 battery life the easy way? Here are few things you can do to make a huge difference.

Poor battery life in Macbook 12 2015 laptop

Improving Macbook 2015 battery life

* Use Safari as it is highly optimized to consume as little CPU resources within OS X as possible
* Make sure you install Adblock Plus extension in Safari to remove CPU tasking ads (especially animation and video based ads)
* Another nifty addon to improve Macbook 2015 battery life is to install ClickToFlash extension in Safari to prevent loading of resource hogging Flash animations. It is intelligent enough by not blocking HTML5 video instead.
* You should turn off Transparency. Do this by going into the Settings –> Accessibility –> Displays. I feel it is a needless eye candy.
- turn off the Bluetooth radio if it is not in use. Do this in Settings –> Bluetooth
- Make sure you have a decent WiFi connection. Do option-clicking on the Airport icon and confirm something stronger than -75 RSSI (e.g. -50 to -70).  A weaker wireless LAN network consumes more power.
- If you have a lot of apps installed, install iStat Menus to keep an eye on on which and what apps are eating the CPU resources.
- Once a month, run a maintenance app like Cocktail to optimize your operating system.

So there you go. The Macbook 2015 not only runs Parallels poorly but also has poor battery life. But you can try things

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