Pure Power 11 power supplies up to 80Plus Gold and 700 W

Pure Power 11

The German manufacturer Be Quiet! has recently introduced its new Pure Power 11 power supplies. In this new version of its economic range, the efficiencies of the new models can reach up to 80Plus Gold, while there will be models available from 300 W to 700 W, at prices quite affordable for all users.

As the heart of our entire computer, having a good source of power is something that should worry us a lot as users. But good sources of food do not have to be expensive, as the manufacturer Be Quiet shows! with its Pure Power range. This range brings together the best technology in the development of PC power supplies, but puts it at prices that are quite attractive to the end user.

The new Be Quiet range! Pure Power 11 is composed of two series of power supplies: one with fixed wiring, and the other with modular wiring (the CM series). That, by the way, the modular wiring used is of the flat type, so that then the management of cables inside the box is easier. The series with fixed wiring has models ranging from 300 W to 700 W, while the CM series, its range of models ranging from 400 W to 700 W. Since this is the range of models that most often look for the public with the power supplies, Be Quiet! covers all this segment perfectly with these powers.

The new range Pure Power 11 of this manufacturer will have two types of efficiency: for the models of 300 and 350 W, the efficiency established by the manufacturer will be 80Plus Bronze, while, for the models of 400, 500, 600 and 700 W, the assigned efficiency will be 80Plus Gold. All models in this range will have an internal DC-to-DC transformer and two independent + 12V channels, allowing the internal topology of the source that up to 93% of the total power of this source is derived to each of these channels.

The cooling of these sources is carried out by a silent diameter 120 mm fan, whose control depends on the internal temperatures of the source.

As for the prices that these power supplies will have, Be Quiet! Pure Power 11, when they reach the market, these will be the following:

300 W: 47.90 euros
350 W: 52.90 euros
400 W: 59.90 euros
500 W: 69.90 euros
600 W: 79.90 euros
700 W: 95.90 euros
400 CM: 65.90 euros
500 CM: 79.90 euros
600 CM: 89.90 euros
700 CM: 104.90 euros