Renice X9 review: first 2TB SSD RSATA connector

Renice X9 review. Renice Technology, a Chinese march focused on storage systems , high – end, has launched the first SSD market with 2 TB capacity that has connection RSATA (Rugged SATA), a type of connector especially designed for use in situations where there a lot of vibration, undesirable movements or current peaks.

Renice X9 review. The usual SATA connector consists of a line of pin planes is very easy to connect and disconnect, but it is also quite sensitive to movements or vibrations that could cause the connector to move. The RSATA connector is specially designed for situations in which there is unwanted movements, resolving intermittent contact between the connector and the result of vibration and shock device.

Renice X9 review

Basically it is intended for use in cars or industrial systems moving as it solves these potential problems using a two-layer connector with elongated pin instead of the flat line standard SATA connector pins. Certainly this connector is single side SSD to the motherboard connects to the SATA connector standard so it is compatible with any motherboard with a standard SATA connectors. Of course the manufacturer provides the necessary connection cable.

The launch of Renice X9 RSATA provide a reliable storage solution for high capacity and the situations we have explained above. The device employs a controlling own SATA3 RS3502-IT and NAND chips manufactured by Toshiba to ensure, according to the manufacturer, durability and lifetime of the device between 2 and 3 times higher than current market SSDs (non-industrial).

The manufacturer that itself has not disclosed device performance data, but would be expected the usual 500 MB / s reading and writing (there will be around the thing). Nor has it said anything about the price or release date, a fact that would be interesting to know since the end of the day increasingly are becoming more common devices solid state these capabilities and is expected fierce competition in the market.