Samsung 970 EVO Plus: new NVMe SSD up to 2 TB, NAND 96 layers and 3,300 MB / s

Samsung has unveiled its new NVMe Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD, following its successful EVO range of solid storage devices NVMe. The new 970 EVO Plus is the first in the range that uses NAND Flash 96-layer memory, along with a series of improvements in the integrated controller, which allows the performance of these new units to increase considerably compared to their cousins, of the normal EVO series.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus

Despite the fact that in the market of solid storage units are beginning to appear the units that use the QLC memory, the new Samsung 970 EVO Plus continues to make use of the V-NAND TLC memory that has given so much joy to the brand to date. But, the big difference with the NAND Flash of the past, is that this new model of the manufacturer, uses memory of 96 layers. The use of this type of memory allows SSDs to require less physical NAND Flash memory chips in their design.

The new Samsung 970 EVO Plus will be manufactured in four different sizes in terms of capacities: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. Unlike the cheap SSDs that can be seen in the market, all these models will have internal RAM, which will ensure a fairly consistent performance in terms of large file transfers. This is usually the weak point of the SSD that lack RAM inside it.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus review

While the current 970 EVO model is capable of reaching a data transfer rate of 3,500 MB / s reading, and 2,500 MB / s in writing (which are really excellent numbers), the new 970 EVO Plus will keep the same rate of data reading, but increase the write rate to 3,300 MB / s. An increase in performance certainly considerable. Although the greatest increase in performance can be seen in the IOPS of the new 970 EVO Plus, given that they increase up to 24% in reading operations, and 16% in writing operations.

Although Samsung has not revealed the prices of the entire range, it has confirmed that its 250 GB model would be priced at $ 89.99. This price is quite similar, although higher, than the current model 970 EVO of 250 GB, which is about 75 euros.

Samsung has also confirmed that models up to 1 TB should begin to reach the market in a short time. However, to buy the 2TB model, we still have to wait until April of this year.