Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE with Snapdragon 805 Spotted

Qualcomm at the MWC 2014 demonstrated the latest LTE-Advanced Cat 6 standard with up to 300 Mbit/s download rate in collaboration with Samsung. This one has a specially converted Galaxy Note 3 used, in which the new Snapdragon 805 processor was previously installed along with the latest LTE module. It is believed that this version of Galaxy Note 3 with Snapdragon 805 processor might hit market later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Snapdragon 805 for LTE

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been designed specifically for this demonstration with the recently announced Snapdraogn 805 processor. In addition to the Snapdragon SoC, the new Qualcomm Gobi 9 × 35 modem was installed, which reached the 300 Mbit/s download speed. The previously fastest mobile modules with LTE-Advanced Cat 4 reached up to 150 Mbit / s.

The Snapdragon processor 805 will come in the smartphones in first half of the year and updated version of Galaxy Note 3 will probably be presented at IFA in September.