Sony PlayStation 4 To Get Pre Loading Feature

Sony has announced that they will be enabling pre-loading feature on its Playstation 4 soon. The developer behind the game “infamous” was asked if there was a way to pre-download his game and this was the reply he got.

No preload on PS4 until April and for North America, the PS Store will update at midnight PST. So 3am EST

Sony PlayStation 4 To Get Pre Loading Feature

However it is not clear if pre-loading will be available for only his game or for the PlayStaiton 4 as whole. This is what that is unclear right now. This feature was spotted on a game called Titanfall for Xbox One but Microsoft quickly removed it and claimed it was an error.

Developers have started to allow gamers to pre-load games before even they officially release the game. This will allow the gamers to download and install most of the game so that when the game is released, they have the game already installed on their consoles.

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