Sony Xperia G possible specs price

Sony’s XperiaG, the 4.8 inch middle class smartphone was leaked on Twitter. Phone was awaiting official launch at MWC meet next week. The smartphone might feature an 8 MP rear camera, 1 GB RAM, and 8 GB of internal memory, will be Android 4.2/4.3 Jelly Bean. Xperia G will have the same home launcher and UI found in Xperia SP and V.

Sony Xperia G possible specs price

The device might include smart social camera apps with Timeshift Burst, AR effect, Motion Shot and Motiongraph. Sony exclusive media apps are expected to become part of Xperia G multimedia features with ClearPhase, xLoud and ClearAudio engines. The chassis is slightly smaller relative to the overall size, but features same design as that is with Xperia Z1.

Official launch will only reveal pricing details.

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