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Allwinner A83T benchmark review

Allwinner A83T is an octa core processor made especially for the low end tablets that offer good performance and at the same time value for money. We reviewed Allwinner A83T on the Infocus CS1 A83 tablet. The

Allwinner A83T vs RK3288, Atom Z3745, Snapdragon S4 Pro by Qualcomm

Allwinner A83T is an eight core processor that is designed for cheap tablets. We had a chance to use the InFocus C2107 7 inch Android tablet for some time and the first thing we did were few

GoClever Quantum 700 S specifications, dual core and KitKat

GoClever a Chinese phone manufacture has released Quantum 700 S in Europe. It comes with 7 inch display and dual core processor by AllWinner that is based on ARM Cortex A7 architecture. GOCLEVER QUANTUM 700 S Specifications

Allwinner A33 Specifications, Quad Core Processors for low cost tablets

AllWinner A33 is the latest processor that is made specially for the low cost tablets running Android operating system. The CPU was launched officially at the Computex 2014 technology event. However since the CPU is going to

MediaTek MT8389 vs AllWinner A31S Benchmark, Performance Review

The MediaTek MT8389 is being used in a lot of Chinese tablets, and so is the new Allwinner A31s. First, let us see how MediaTek MT8389 and AllWinner A31S compare.