Archos Activity Tracker 2 price specifications confirmed

Archos Activity Tracker 2 is a smartband that doubles as smartwatch. Archos Activity Tracker 2 price is 28 euro or 30 dollars. We do not have its release date but we have already spotted on some European online stores.

Archos Activity Tracker 2 price

Archos Activity Tracker 2 can monitor your physical activity. It can function as pedometer; can calculate the number of calories burned and distance travelled by you. It can also synchronize the data with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The Archos Activity Tracker 2 is compatible with both iOS and Android phones using Archos Connected Self app and will have battery life of of at least 7 days. All devices running Android 4.4 and iOS 5 or later are supported.

Archos Activity Tracker 2 prices

Right now it is difficult to list the differences between Archos Activity Tracker 2 and the outgoing model. From the looks of it, it is looking like a minor update but it does costs half of what its predecessor used to cost. We will find more information after the launch. 

Archos ArcBook Specifications, netbook with Android on board

French manufacturer of consumer electronics ARCHOS has released a netbook operating running Android. ARCHOS ArcBook equipped with a dual-core central processing unit, and a display with a diagonal of ten inches. The device is priced at $ 170.

10.1 inch display with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution
Rockchip Rk2168 dual core processor with clock frequency of 1.2 GHz
1 giga bytes of RAM
8 GB of storage space
Micro SD card slot
802.11n Wi-Fi
8000 mAh battery
2x USB 2.0 ports, micro USB 2.0
Dimensions of 271.5 x 180.5 x 22 mm
1.28 kilogram weight

archos arcbook

Until now 99 percent of mini laptops sold around the world ran windows 8 operating system but certain manufactures like Toshiba and Archos have started to come out with Android netbooks.