Free Fitbit Flex with Nokia Lumia 830 on AT&T

Great news for those who had eyes set on Nokia Lumia 830. AT&T is now giving away a free Fitbit Flex activity tracker when you buy a Nokia Lumia 830 on contract on Microsoft store. It is also possible to buy it off contract for $ 399 and you will still get the $ 90 Fitbit Flex for free. Amazon too is offering Fitbit Flex for free.

nokia lumia 830 fitness tracker

However we feel that it would have made more sense to offer the Nokia Lumia 830 for free under contract and a free Microsoft Band or may be for $ 99 instead of $ 199.

Blu Studio Mini LTE, 5.0 HD LTE, Studio 6.0 LTE launched, specifications inside

Blu has launched three new android phones to its smartphone lineup. All the three phones are members of the Blu Studio family and all of them boast 4G LTE radio for providing high speed broadband connectivity in the USA.

Blu Studio Mini LTE review

Blu Studio Mini LTE is the cheapest of the newly models. It is priced at 120 dollars and has these specifications. Currently it runs Android 4.2 jelly bean operating system but the company has confirmed it will be pushing kitkat update very soon. The Blu Studio Mini LTE supports AT&T, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, Cricket, and Metro PCS networks.

Blu Studio Mini LTE specifications

* 4.5 inch with 854 x 480 pixel display
* 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor
* 1GB of RAM
* 4GB of storage expandable via microSD card slot
* A 5MP rear camera and front facing 0.3 megapixel webcam
* Connectivity options include onboard WiFi, Bluetooth, all of which is powered by 1850mAh battery.

Blu Studio 5.0 HD LTE review

Next is the Blu Studio 5.0 HD LTE which sells for 199 dollars. It comes unlocked to be used on any cellular network.

Blu Studio 5.0 HD LTE specifications

5 inch, 1280 x 720 pixel display, has a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, sports a 2200mAh battery, and has 8GB of storage. Unlike the aforementioned model, the Blu Studio 5.0 HD LTE ships with Android 4.4 kitkat operating system onboard. Rest of its specifications are similar to the Blu Studio Mini LTE.

Blu Studio 6.0 LTE review

Last one is the Blu Studio 6.0 LTE which costs 279 dollars and like Studio 5.0 HD LTE, it also comes unlocked and runs latest Android 4.4 kitkat operating system software. However it does not supports AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

On the brighter side the Blu Studio 6.0 LTE does have full support for T-Mobile’s LTE network for faster internet browsing.

Blu Studio 6.0 LTE specifications

* 5 inch display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution
* 2 gigabytes of memory
* 16 gigabytes of flash storage expandable via micro SD card slot
* 13Mp and 5MP cameras
* Android 4.4 software
* 1.6 GHz Snapdragon 400 chip, and a bigger 3200mAh battery.

Review Pelican ProGear Voyager for iPhone 5/5s

ProGear Voyager is a rugged case for the Apple iPhone 5S from Pelican. If you do not like baby caring your phones, this is an excellent choice as its two piece plastic and rubber case protects your phone nicely and effectively.

The ProGear Voyager protects the entire iPhone body including speaker, microphone and ports by using flaps. The package includes a belt clip that does the double duty of a stand.

Review Pelican ProGear Voyager for iPhone 5s

This case is available through AT&T store and online store. Costs 50 dollars and comes in three colors black, white and pink.

Asus PadFone X To Launch on AT&T

US network provider AT&T has announced that it will be the first wireless carrier to sell the Asus PadFone X. The phone passed through FCC’s website this week and is one step closer to launch.

Asus PadFone X To Launch on AT&T

The Asus PadFone X is a 5 inch smartphone that you can slide into a 9 inch tablet when you want bigger screen experience. Its specifications include a quad core Snapdragon 800 processor by Qualcomm, 16 gigabytes of flash storage and Android 4.4 kitkat operating system.

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US Cellular To Reduce Data Plan Prices

Following the suits of  Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, the US Cellular will soon be announcing that it will be reducing the prices of data plans to make them more competitive for both existing and new customers.

us cellular new data plan prices

This is not a promotional change, so if had a USD 40 monthly plan, you only had 300 MB of shared data but now you will have 1 gigabytes of data to play with. In other words, you will be able to enjoy three times bandwidth at no extra cost.

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Poor Battery Life in Lumia 920, 925

Windows Phone users, especially Lumia 920 and 925 users are facing a problem where they experience sudden battery drain for no apparent reason. It is due to stuck process where a process is stuck in the background and continues to use CPU cycles. Using Visual studio to do analysis we see that the phone OS is stuck at 50% and you get a warning of high CPU cycles.

Symptoms of the problem.

Hot back plate
Left metal banding gets unbearably hot
Cannot charge phone as fast

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