Belkin Conserve Valet USB Charger Review

The Belkin Conserve Valet offers up a variety of charging ports for your various devices. As long as it can be plugged into a USB socket, you can charge it up here. But there’s one major difference between the Conserve Valet and most other chargers–when it’s done charging your devices to full power, it shuts itself off, so it no longer pulls power to keep the devices charging once full charge is achieved. You’ll be able to charge fully four devices on the Conserve Valet at once, and they won’t even waste power in the process.


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Belkin N750DB Router Review

The Belkin N750DB router is a wireless dual band N+ router that not only gives you wireless connectivity, but it also gives you four different LAN ports to plug your various devices into if you’d rather stick to the cables. It’s also got a self-healing capability that lets it spot and automatically correct network problems, a video mover system that lets you play video from your library onto your television, a wireless printing solution with a pair of USB ports, , and an automatic backup system. It also has pre-set security, a three-step setup system, gigabit speeds, and a two year limited warranty.

Belkin N750DB review

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