Core i7 6950X on sale for $ 1950

Core i7 6950X price

As usual, Intel has distributed its engineering samples between partners and means to enable them start with the relevant evidence in each case. But it seems now has an unconventional situation is that one of these partners or media has not respected the agreement with Intel and has put on sale on Ebay an engineering sample of a Intel Core i7-6950X ” Broadwell-E ” processor to the tune of $ 1950.

I’ll be completely honest, from the point of view of a media: as you know manufacturers often send us samples of their products to perform analysis, and if the product has a moderate cost, often it can be us for our personal use or testing laboratory. It is very unusual, not to say that this only happens to a few privileged, the manufacturer will yield an engineering sample that has a crazy price as is the case now concerns us. Of course there are people who do this for doing business but this, in my view, beyond all limits because as I mentioned earlier there is a confidentiality agreement by which has not been respected.

Core i7 6950X review

The Intel Core i7-6950X that is for sale is a processor 10 cores and 20 threads of process based on the Broadwell-E 14 nanometer architecture that is yet to be announced officially.It is compatible with Intel socket LGA 2011v3 (X99 chipset) and has a TDP of 140 watts.They are attached in the advertisement placed on Ebay high resolution images that leave no doubt that the product is authentic.

As you can see in the ad, who lives in the US has the processor, and charges an additional $ 50 for shipping costs shipping to anywhere in the world. So, if you want to have this processor before anybody else and you can spare $ 2,000 for nothing, now you have a good chance. However, it falls discounted according to the policy say that Intel engineering samples belong to the company regardless of any other situation, so in theory this sale would be unlawful.

Core i7 6950X specs

Family    Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition
Model number      i7-6950X
Microarchitecture    Broadwell
Data width    64 bit
The number of CPU cores    10
The number of threads    20
Floating Point Unit    Integrated
Level 1 cache size      10 x 32 KB instruction caches, 10 x 32 KB data caches
Level 2 cache size      10 x 256 KB caches
Level 3 cache size    25 MB
TDP    140 Watt

Shuttle NC01U, NC01U3, NC01U5, NC01U7 nano are smallest barebone PC till date

Shuttle has launched three mini PC that are slated to be company’s smallest PC till date. Shuttle NC01U, NC01U3, NC01U5, NC01U7 nano are given below.

Shuttle NC01U, NC01U3, NC01U5, NC01U7 nano specs

Shuttle XPC NC01U nano with Intel Celeron 3205U processor and will cost 140 euros. Check 3205U passmark score at
Shuttle XPC nano NC01U3 comes equipped with an Intel Core i3-5005U will cost 314 euros. 5005U passmark score is 3010
Shuttle XPC NC01U5 nano comes with an Intel Core i5-5200U whose price is 388 euros. 5200U passmark score is 3507
Shuttle XPC NC01U7 nano comes with an Intel Core i7-5500U and will cost 520 euros.

Shuttle NC01U, NC01U3, NC01U5, NC01U7 nano come with Intel Broadwell processors

Shuttle XPC nano NC01U3 NC01U5 NC01U7 review

The Shuttle brand is well known for mini PCs and they have churned out a number of models that come with fans and without fans. This new series adopt the new Intel Broadwell processor series. These are one of the cheapest barebone mini PCs out there.

Shuttle NC01U, NC01U3, NC01U5, NC01U7 nano reviews

Shuttle NC01U, NC01U3, NC01U5, NC01U7 nano have lots of ports

Port select includes Mini Display port, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, audio stereo, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and RS-232. Shuttle says all of these four models will be able to output content in ultra HD resolution which is 3840 x 2160 pixels at 60 Hz through their mini display ports. If you output the same resolution via HDMI, you will get be able to do so at 30 Hz.

Since these are barebone mini PCs, you can customize them to your heart’s content. For storage in Shuttle NC01U, NC01U3, NC01U5 and NC01U7 nano, you can go with the typical 2.5 inch SATA hard disk or SSD but you can also opt for M.2 socket. Coming to RAM, it supports up to 16GB RAM on a single DDR3L SO-DIMM module.

Expect them to hit the market shelves in late October 2015. via

HP Pavilion Mini Broadwell specifications and availability

The HP Pavilion Mini 300 is palm sized and runs Windows perfectly. That little thing has received a nice update where the company has upgraded it to Broadwell a k a 5th generation Intel processor. We have spotted two models online, first is the HP Pavilion Mini 300-130 and second is Mini 300-150.

HP Pavilion Mini Broadwell specifications

The first one comes with Intel Core i3-5005U processor and 4GB of RAM while the second model dons a Intel Core i5-5200U chip and 8GB of RAM. These are very tiny, measuring just 145 × 146 × 53mm and weighing 640 grams. Find Core i3 5005u passmark score. These broadwell processors emit very little heat and this has allowed manufactures like HP and Shuttle to churn out fanless PCs with powerful processors.

While they are so tiny, HP has managed to equip them with lot of ports and jacks that include four USB 3.0 ports, a media card carder, display port, LAN, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI port. Japan tech blog cross-coretech says HP Pavilion Mini Broadwell runs windows 8.1 and will get a free upgrade to windows 10. We suggest holding off till July 29 because HP will be selling them with windows 10 pre loaded after W10 release.

Giada i58B specifications, a Core i5 Broadwell ultra compact desktop

Giada i58B is a machine that offers both more than respectable performance with its Core i5 processor and carries two memory modules. It has very compact size and despite that offers complete connectivity.

Giada i58B specifications

Giada i58B specifications include 16 GB of RAM maximum DDR3L memory, a Core i5-5200U Broadwell generation processor, 2 HDD bays – one 2.5 inch and second having mSATA port. A Gigabit port is also available as well as a COM port for legacy devices.

Giada i58B specs

There are 5 USB ports including one USB 3.0 on the side of the unit next to the MicroSD card reader as well as a 3.5mm audio jack. The only thing missing is built in wireless LAN connectivity. While a Mini PCIe port is available to integrate the card of your choice, we feel it should have been built in.

Giada i58B spec

Its connectors and serial port suggest that Giada i58B is great for use in PLCs or in digital signage. While the Core i5 5200U is an ultra low voltage processor with only 15 watt TDP, the heat is nonetheless dissipated by a fan.

Cheap Broadwell laptops with Windows 10 from Acer and Lenovo

Acer and Lenovo have partnered with Intel and Microsoft and will be releasing three new families of laptops equipped with 11 and 14 inch displays and packing Intel Broadwell processor and Windows 10 operating system. Prices will start from 150 euro or 169 dollars for the cheapest broadwell laptop.

Cheap Broadwell laptops

Release date for cheap broadwell laptops 

These cheap broadwell laptops will be released in August which is almost 2-3 weeks after the launch of the new Windows 10 operating system. This information comes from Digitimes that says Acer will introduce a 11.6-inch laptop with the price of $ 169 (150 euro) and one with 14-inch clamshell design for about $ 199 (180 euro) while Lenovo will continue with Yoga laptops packing 14-inch display at a price of $ 249 (220 euro).

All of these cheap broadwell laptops will be manufactured by Inventec which is a laptop ODM that manufactures mainly for HP.

With the launch of these laptops, Microsoft wants to tackle the super cheap Chrombook lineup that is currently best seller on Amazon. Like last year, Microsoft has adjusted the prices of its tablets and notebooks with Windows to compete with Chromebook laptops. We are expecting Acer and Lenovo to use the super cheap Celeron 3215U and 3765U broadwell processors in these laptops.

Intel Celeron 3215U and 3765U specifications

Intel Celeron 3215U and 3765U micro processors are meant to be used in cheap laptops and ultra thin laptops. Both of these processors are built in Broadwell architecture and come with basic, entry level integrated graphics from Intel. You can call Intel Celeron 3215U and Celeron 3765U as successors to Celeron 3205U and 3755U processors.

Intel Celeron 3215U and 3765U specifications

Intel Celeron 3215U specifications include 1.7 GHz clock speed, dual core, 2 threads, 2MB L3 cache and 16GB RAM support. TDP is 15 watts and maximum operating temperature is 105 degrees.

Intel Celeron 3765U specifications include 1.9 GHz clock speed, dual core, 2 threads, 2MB L3 cache and up to 16GB RAM support. TDP is same as 3215U which is 15 watts and maximum operating temperature is same as well.

Inctel Mini PC is fanless and packs Broadwell SoC

Inctel has launched its first mini PC that features broadwell fanless processors. Specifications include Intel Core i7 5500U dual core 14nm processor that can run at 2.4 GHz clock speed and supports turbo boost speed of 3GHz. The CPU is accompanied by Intel HD 5500 graphics that run at 950 MHz under turbo boost mode.

inctel mini pc review

The entire chip consumes very little power – spec sheet says it eats mere 15 watts when in use. On the front, the Inctel has power button, LED status, four USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, SD card reader, headphone jack and microphone.

inctel mini pc reviews

On the rear, you will find two wireless LAN antennas, two COM ports, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two HDMI 1.4 outputs video and power connector. It can be purchased for $ 495 from the official Inctel online store. The price includes shipping via DHL.

Lenovo S31 and S41 feature Intel Broadwell, live video preview

Lenovo S31 and S41 were released at the consumers electronic show where Lenovo used Nano Imprint Lithography for manufacturing these laptops. This technology allowed the manufacture to color the metal surfaces of the chassis. This gives it is a very clean and sleek look.

Lenovo S31 review

As says both Lenovo S31 and S41 are very difficult to distinguish as they pack same specifications. The only difference is the screen size and dimensions with Lenovo S31 packing 13.3 inch display with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and S41 packing 14” full HD display. The Lenovo S41 has thickness of 19.5 mm and a weight of 1.8 kg whereas the S31 has thickness and weight of 19.3 mm and 1.5 Kg respectively.

Common specifications are Intel Core i-series processor, up to 8GB of DDR3L RAM, dedicated Nvidia GeForce graphics and 256GB SSD / 1TB hard disk.

Lenovo S31

Port selection includes two USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI video output, a webcam, stereo speakers, Ethernet LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth modules together with a SD memory card reader and a RJ-45 network connector.

Lenovo S41 review

The two laptops Lenovo S31 and S41 will both have the same starting price for the base configuration which is $ 499.

Broadwell powered Macbook Air release date

A Czech website is now reporting that Apple is all set to release the Broadwell powered Macbook Air in February. According to the information released so far, the Apple Macbook Air will soon feature the Intel Core i7 5650U processor with base clock speed of 2.2 GHz or with Core i5 5250U CPU with 1.8G GHz base clock speed.

The fifth generation Intel Core i-series processor are manufactured using 14 nanometer process and thus are more energy efficient and incorporate more powerful integrated graphics unit. This means that Macbook Air will have better battery life and run less hot than before. However do not expect Apple to equip the Macbook Air 2015 to feature a higher resolution display.

Broadwell Macbook Air 2015

Also Apple will be releasing this new model without doing any show or fanfare, so expect a small announcement on their blog about it before the end of February.

Fujitsu Lifebook T935 specifications, 2-in-1 hybrid tablet with Intel vPro processor

Broadwell is here finally as Intel has started shipping its vPro enabled processors to the laptop companies. Some of the first devices are already on sale wiht the new processors and this includes Fujitsu Lifebook T935 that is now available to the corporate customers. Fujitsu Lifebook T935 is the successor to the Liefbook T904 which offered rotating display as well.

Fujitsu Lifebook T935 specifications include 13.3 inch IGZO display packing WQXGA resolution which is 2560 x 1440 pixels. The T935 is not the first company’s laptop to offer IGZO display. Fujitsu Lifebook TH90 was also offered with one. The one that we tested had ‘mere’ 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. One of the key features of Fujitsu Lifebook T935 is its digitizer support allowing you to do inputs via stylus.

Fujitsu Lifebook T935 specs

It is powered by Intel Core i7 5600U vPro enabled processor, up to 8 gigabytes of memory, hybrid hard disk drive up to 500GB (optional SSD), 2x USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port. You will also find an SD card reader, RJ 45 Ethernet port and a SIM card slot for proving 3G or 4G connectivity on the go.

Fujitsu Lifebook T935

Battery life of Fujitsu Lifebook T935 is said to be around 9.5 hours which is more than enough for a whole day of use.