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Lenovo N21 complete specifications and release date

Lenovo N21 is a third generation chromebook for students after Lenovo ThinkPad X131e and Lenovo Yoga 11e. Chromebooks laptops have now established themselves as decent windows PC alternatives if you do all of your work in the

Asus C200MA-EDU DS01 KX002 C300MA-EDU Specifications

Specifications of upcoming Asus Chromebook specifications are now online courtesy of Chromiumnetbooks who spotted C200 and C300 models online on UK and USA shopping websites.

Samsung Chromebook 2 Gets A UK Release Date

Earlier in March, Samsung released two Chromebooks in the market. Dubbed as Samsung Chromebook 2, it comes in two different sizes where one features a 11.6 inch display while other features a 13.3”. Both models are slated