ASRock Desk Mini review: Compact PC for expansion according to personal needs

ASRock Desk Mini reviewed by mytechpartner team. At Computex, we have taken the opportunity to bring even the “Desk Mini 110” from ASRock for you before the camera. It is a very compact machine in which her ​​most important components have yet to buy according to your own needs and have to install. The motherboard is for easily extract from the casing in the ground state and offers space for a variety of components. It is equipped with a H110 chipset from Intel, which you can populate with a Skylake Intel processor of your choice. The chip, however, should have a maximum of 65 Watt TDP.

ASRock Desk Mini review

Of course, the chipset supports DDR4 format for the main memory. The available slots for enough to put up to 32 gigabytes of RAM in the small case. Furthermore, can be found on the board two SATA3 ports and two M.2 slots that can be equipped with the respective storage media.

When using SSDs limits are hardly set and use of high-end models, it brings the system entirely on data throughputs gigabytes per-second range.


By nature, the system also brings a number of terminals. So the user can choose when connecting a display, for example, between HDMI, Display Port and VGA. Here one must, however, be limited to the integrated graphics units of CPUs, there simply is no space for an additional graphics card is present.

Furthermore, USB ports of versions 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 are available as well as jacks for audio signals. ASRock provides to the system already has a default cooler, which should be enough for these CPUs. The housing itself is in any case already designed deliberately for the strongest possible ventilation.

If necessary, the entire system can also be ordered with alternative chipsets. In the standard version of the product will cost around 135 euros, the cost of the processor and memory did we mention it.   

Giada i58B specifications, a Core i5 Broadwell ultra compact desktop

Giada i58B is a machine that offers both more than respectable performance with its Core i5 processor and carries two memory modules. It has very compact size and despite that offers complete connectivity.

Giada i58B specifications

Giada i58B specifications include 16 GB of RAM maximum DDR3L memory, a Core i5-5200U Broadwell generation processor, 2 HDD bays – one 2.5 inch and second having mSATA port. A Gigabit port is also available as well as a COM port for legacy devices.

Giada i58B specs

There are 5 USB ports including one USB 3.0 on the side of the unit next to the MicroSD card reader as well as a 3.5mm audio jack. The only thing missing is built in wireless LAN connectivity. While a Mini PCIe port is available to integrate the card of your choice, we feel it should have been built in.

Giada i58B spec

Its connectors and serial port suggest that Giada i58B is great for use in PLCs or in digital signage. While the Core i5 5200U is an ultra low voltage processor with only 15 watt TDP, the heat is nonetheless dissipated by a fan.

RaspPi Kiiboard has Raspberry Pi 2 inside

RaspPi Kiiboard is a keyboard that can do the function of a mini PC. It packs Raspberry Pi 2 inside which is one of the smallest PCs ever built. While the Raspberry Pi 2 has remained a niche product as it requires high degree technical knowledge.

RaspPi Kiiboard review

RaspPi Kiiboard review

RaspPi Kiiboard on the other hand has all required ports that one would need on a modern computer. You get a full fledge HDMI video output port and two USB ports. The user can decide whether to use the RasPi Killboard as normal keyboard or an all in one computer.

RaspPi Kiiboard reviews

To do this, the designer had to remove the doors from the original PCB of Raspberry because the motherboard does not have available ports on one side and thus he had to rewire all contacts to get them to get up to the bracket which also eliminated the Ethernet LAN because RaspPi Kiiboard only uses Wi-Fi. He was also kind enough to upload a video explaining this grueling process.

The key on the keyboard have a retro look which makes it look very unique. It clearly takes us back to the golden era of the Commodore VIC20, C64 or Amiga.

Zotac releases under $300 pocket size desktop PC that runs Windows

Zotac has released a very small desktop PC called ZBox P that runs Windows 8.1 with Bing OS and measures 115.5 (width) x 66 (length) x 19.2mm (height).


Processing is handled by the quad core Intel Atom Z3735F 1.33GHz processor with onboard graphics. Everything you need to get your office or web browsing done is onboard including 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and even Ethernet!

There are two models: PI320 and PI321

1. ZBOX PI320: This one comes with 32GB eMMC storage and it will hit the market shelves in November in Japan for 30000 Yen (~ $278).

2. ZBOX PI321: This has exactly the same specifications as the 32GB model but comes with 64GB eMMC storage. It will cost you 40000 yen (~ $370).

Port selection includes 3x USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, micro SD card slot and audio input and output jack.

Zbox PI320 and PI321

You can mount it behind your PC monitor as a VESA mount is included in the box.

Zotac Zbox P specifications

Product name ZBOX PI320
OS Windows 8.1 with Bing(32bit)
CPU Intel Atom Z3735F (1.33GHz / up to 1.83GHz, quad-core)
GPU Intel HD Graphics
Memory 2GB DDR3L-1333
Storage 32GB eMMC
Connectivity 802.11n Wi-Fi、Bluetooth 4.0
Ports USB 2.0 × 2, Ethernet port × 1 (10 / 100BASE-T), headphone output
Ports in front 3 in 1 (microSD / SDHC / SDXC) card reader
Ports on sides HDMI × 1, USB 2.0 × 1, AC adapter port, power button
Dimensions 66(L)×115.5(W)×19.2(H) mm
In the box VESA mount, AC adapter, user manual, quick installation guide, OS recovery DVD

Cooler master Silencio 452 Specs Price

Some time back, folks at Cooler Master churned out Silencio 352 and 652, and today the company has released Silencio 452. The model has received a new shell which feels more sturdy and now has soundproof foam pads to minimize the noise levels. To further tone them down, it comes with rubber feet to dampen vibrations and two silent fans as well. Specs and price of Silencio 452 are given below.

Cooler master Silencio 452 Specs

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