Onyx Book I62A specifications and price

Onyx Book I62A is a new ebook reader that features a 6 inch e-Ink display and it retails for $89 with cover. For many the Onyx Book I62A is a like Barnes Noble Touch tablet that is updated to newer operating system and faster processor. This model is currently not on sale in Europe but we have heard that is coming soon to European land.

Onyx Book I62A specifications include a 6 inch eink pearl display with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and runs Android 2.3 OS that runs fine thanks to the powerful Rockchip 1 GHz processor and 512MB RAM.

For storage you get meager 4GB but that should be just fine to store quite a lot of ebooks but if you want to store more, you can always use its micro SD card slot.

Onyx Book I62A

The Onyx Book I62A also comes with Wi-Fi module and headphone jack. It weighs 238 grams and has thickness of 10.2 mm.

But let us face it, after the launch of Amazon Kindle 2014 model for 59 euro, it leaves no room for competition. Thus Onyx will have to work very hard in pushing these units off the shelves as Kindle offers so much more for less.

PocketBook Aqua Specifications, first ever waterproof reader

PocketBook has launched a new ereader in the European market called PocketBook Aqua. The highlight of this gadget is its waterproof casing which will interest all the bookworms who are too scared of sipping liquids when reading their favorite books.

Price is 127 euro. PocketBook Aqua Specifications include 4GB flash storage, micro SD card slot, 802.11n Wi-Fi, micro USB port, 1300 mAh battery and IP57 waterproof certification.

PocketBook Aqua

The display size is 6 inches and it packs 600×800 pixels. It supports up to 16 levels of gray. The CPU runs at modest 1GHz and there is 256MB RAM. PocketBook Aqua weighs just 170 grams and measures 114.6 х 174.4 х9 mm.