Gdr2 Updates Reviews and Rumors

Nokia Italy Rolling Out Amber for Lumia 620, 820, 920

All Nokia Lumia windows phone users have been waiting for the Amber update as it adds some nifty features. Only a few weeks ago, Nokia announced through its support website that it will soon be releasing the

GDR2 Update and Other Storage Problem in Windows Phone

Joe Belfiore said on twitter that he would be taking several photos with his new Nokia Lumia 1020. One of its Twitter followers warned him of the Other storage problem that is prevalent in all Windows phones

Nokia Lumia 920, 520 Amber Update Release Date

Well, at least that’s what the reports from a page on Telstra and Vodafone are showing. The long awaited Windows Phone update Amber, also known as GDR2 will probably be released on August 14. The image shown