8GB iPhone 5C Now On Sale in UK

Apple has released a new 8GB variant of iPhone 5C. It first turned up on O2 UK’s website, and now it has gone official on company’s website as well.

8GB iPhone 5C Now On Sale in UK

Apple is selling it for GBP 429 which makes it about 40 pounds cheaper than the 16 gigabyte model that retails for GBP 469. The 32 GB variant sells for whopping £549. Other than the change in storage capacity, nothing else has changed.

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Tim Cook’s D11 interview

The interview with Tim Cook that went on for more than 1 hour, resulted in some very interesting outlook of the CEO on various issues. Here is a brief of what he talked about:

*the web traffic from iOS is higher than the other phone counterparts
*the company is working on a new Apple TV
*takes a view on Google glass, and says they don’t have mass appeal
*views Apple as a company making devices that are ‘usable’ and ‘enrich’ customers’ lives and not just focus on market share
*hints at launching iOS 7 at Developer’s conference
*says will open APIs, but to the extent that it does not make the customer experience bad
*expresses that he is not cold to the idea of integrating iOS apps to Android

Have a look at the video after the break.


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