iphone 5c case Updates Reviews and Rumors

Griffin Survivor Skin for iPhone 5c Review

Griffin has released Survivor Skin for the Apple iPhone 5C. Priced a $20 dollars, it is a rebranding of Griffin’s Protector case that was released for the iPhone 5S. This rubber case is thicker than Protector and

iPhone 5C: Macally Clear Flexible Protective Case Review

If mixing and matching your iPhone case in not your cup of tea, check out the Macally Clear Flexible Protective Case, codenamed FLEXFITP6-C. Priced at just 10 dollars, this affordable TPU case matches the iPhone 5Cā€™s curves.

iPhone 5C Case Review: Macally Hard-Shell with Stand KSTANDP6

Macally is not really known for nicely naming their iPhone cases, and same goes for their new case, which they call KSTANDP6. We will instead just call it Macally Hard-Shell case with stand. The case back is