Nokia CP-623 Review, official case cover for Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is an amazing phone and for many of us, protecting its massive 6 inch full HD display is top priority. What better way to protect it other than using the official Lumia 1520 CP-623 cover.

Nokia CP-623 Review, official case cover for Lumia 1520

Nokia offers the case in three colors – black, red and yellow and costs around $40. The Nokia CP-623 for Lumia 1520 is bit expensive accessory but it does its job well in protecting the display when you place it in your pocket.

official case cover for Lumia 1520

The back cover is made of hard plastic and it does a great job from bumps and drops. It also prevents the big lens of its 20MP camera from getting scratched.

official review of lumia 1520 case

The back cover flops around a bit but can be rolled back allowing the user to use it as kickstand. This makes it perfect for watching YouTube and movies on the big screen of the Lumia 1520.

Nokia CP-623 Review

The case has been well designed and it does block any ports. All buttons including camera, power and volume control buttons are accessible even when the flap is closed which is  a massive plus.

So do we recommend the Nokia CP-623? Well for basic protection, it gets the job done. The design is not exactly unique and stricking like Lumia 1520’s design. But since it is an official accessory for the Lumia 1520, it does fits perfectly. Another big plus is it does not add any bulk or thickness.

Lumia 1525 coming to T-Mobile

Lumia 1520 is one of the best phablets in the smartphone arena. This Windows Phone is very famous for its massive 6 inch full HD display and feature rich 20 megapixel pure-view camera. However it is only available at the AT&T network. According to evleaks the famous leaker, the phone could be heading to T-Mobile network as Lumia 1525.

So could the Lumia 1525 be same as 1520 but with T-Mobile branding or will it be a much different device.

lumia 1525

Unfortunately no details on its specifications or price were revealed other than the fact that it is coming to T-Mobile.

Winstron Tiger Windows Phone Hands On Review

Winstron Tiger has released a gigantic windows phone handset with a 6.45 inch display. It packs full HD 1920×1080 pixel resolution and is powered by Snapdragon 800 quad core processor. There are two front facing stereo speakers on it and its entire chassis is made of metal. The Winstron Tiger will come pre loaded with windows phone 8.1 operating system and is even bigger than the biggest Lumia out there, the 1520 that comes with a whopping 6 inch screen.

Winstron Tiger

So while the Winstron is not as big as Nokia, it will certainly take away the crown of biggest windows phone out there. Here is a hands on review video by mobilegeeks.

In the video you can see that there are no hardware buttons for the back, start and search. Instead you get on screen buttons that you find on the cheap Lumia 630 dual SIM handset.

3 Column Tile Option In All Windows Phones

Joe Belfiore who runs the team of windows phone at Microsoft has confirmed on Twitter that 3 column time option will be available on all windows phones running WP8.1, not just on only phones with display size of 4.5 and more as said by Joe in October last year.

3 column tile option will allow users to squeeze more data on to their home screens. Many windows phones already come with 3 tile column enabled. This includes Lumia 1320 and 1520 that Nokia released in Q4 2013.

joe tweet 3 column

This option will be very much appreciated by the low end Lumia 520 that compromises of more than 30 percent of Windows Phone market.