3 Column Tile Option In All Windows Phones

Joe Belfiore who runs the team of windows phone at Microsoft has confirmed on Twitter that 3 column time option will be available on all windows phones running WP8.1, not just on only phones with display size of 4.5 and more as said by Joe in October last year.

3 column tile option will allow users to squeeze more data on to their home screens. Many windows phones already come with 3 tile column enabled. This includes Lumia 1320 and 1520 that Nokia released in Q4 2013.

joe tweet 3 column

This option will be very much appreciated by the low end Lumia 520 that compromises of more than 30 percent of Windows Phone market.

Subway Surfers Needs Now 1GB RAM, Rendered Incompatible with 512MB Windows Phones

Subway Surfers has been updated yet again that unfortunately removes the support for 512MB RAM windows phones. We tried installing the update on our Lumia 520 and got the message

App not compatible
This app is not available because it requires:
1GB RAM or more

Subway Surfers Needs 1GB RAM

This is weird since the download page clearly shows that it is compatible with 512MB RAM devices.

Earlier this month the Subway Surfers got compatible with 512MB support but the company has now made it incompatible. Let us hope rest of the amazing game titles for WP remain compatible since most of the cheap devices come with 512MB RAM (lumia 520, 620, 625, and 720).