2015 Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU Review, what I like about it

I have been reading the reviews of the 2015 Macbook Pro 15. Today I finally pulled the trigger and ordered one for myself.

2015 Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU Review

What I like about the new 2015 Apple Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU

1. Speed: this laptop is really fast. Most of the times applications open before the busy icon can even bounce! It starts up quickly and by the time I open the lid, it is already ready. I installed the latest version of photoshop and this laptop handles it like a pro – no pun intended. Safari browser is incredibly snappy and even a webpage with tons of ads cannot bog this thing down. If you find the Macbook 2015 slow with its Core M 5Y71 processor, don’t look elsewhere and buy the MBP 2015 with dedicated graphics.

2. GPU: Even when I am using the iGPU that is the Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics that come with the Intel processor, sliding between spaces and menus is buttery smooth. I highly recommend downloading gfx card status as it will allow you to choose the GPU you wish to use – integrated or dedicated. So when you are doing something like video editing in Final Cut Pro, you can make the laptop use dedicated graphics.

2015 Macbook Pro 15 with dedicated GPU Reviews

3. Force Touch TrackPad: This feature made its debut in Macbook 2015 and people seem to love it. I took love it as I can finally choose how the click should feel. You can custom the ‘feel’ by going to its settings. I have set it to firm and it feels just like a button now.

4. Speakers: These are much better over the Macbook Pro 2010 model. While the one on the 2010 were not bad, the new ones sound more powerful and full.

5. Retina display: If you go retina once, you will never return to non-retina displays. You will find people gathering around you to see how beautiful and crisp the display is. It really looks fantastic.

Macbook Pro: How to clone hard disk to SSD including operating system

So you just bought an SSD a k a solid state drive for your Macbook Pro and now you are looking to clone that old and slow hard disk and move all that data including the operating system to the new drive. Believe us, the Macbook Pro are still the best of Apple laptop line up and they become unbeatable after adding in an SSD.

How to clone hard disk to SSD

The one I personally recommend getting for your Macbook Pro is Samsung 850 Evo SSD. I have been using its predecessor, the Samsung 840 Evo for over an year now and it has been superb and trouble free so far. The Samsung 850 Evo solid state drives come with good enough warranty and it really hits a sweet spot when it comes to price.

Clone Macbook Pro HDD to SSD

Anyway let us get back to topic, that is how to clone the Macbook Pro hard disk to SSD. For the cloning I personally like the SuperDuper utility. This simple-to-use tool is a simple, powerful piece of software and its free version is good enough for the most users.

clone macbook pro hdd

You can use the SuperDuper to clone the HDD’s contents to your new SSD. Make sure you have partitioned it through Disk Utility using any generic USB to SATA adapter. This way, you can make sure the drive is ready to go before you start opening up your computer and moving things.

usb to sata adapter

Click on Copy Now button to start cloning.

Broadwell powered Macbook Air release date

A Czech website is now reporting that Apple is all set to release the Broadwell powered Macbook Air in February. According to the information released so far, the Apple Macbook Air will soon feature the Intel Core i7 5650U processor with base clock speed of 2.2 GHz or with Core i5 5250U CPU with 1.8G GHz base clock speed.

The fifth generation Intel Core i-series processor are manufactured using 14 nanometer process and thus are more energy efficient and incorporate more powerful integrated graphics unit. This means that Macbook Air will have better battery life and run less hot than before. However do not expect Apple to equip the Macbook Air 2015 to feature a higher resolution display.

Broadwell Macbook Air 2015

Also Apple will be releasing this new model without doing any show or fanfare, so expect a small announcement on their blog about it before the end of February.

Review OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual for Apple Mac

If your Mac computer comes with a Thunderbolt port and you have been looking forward to extend the storage capacity you might want to check out the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual that features RAID capabilities and come with 2TB – 10TB capacities.

The OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual can feature as excellent back up solution or to storage those massive media files. It also looks very much like the last generation Apple Mac Pro although it is available in black only and Apple sold the Pro in only silver color.

OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual

There are three user selectable RAID settings – RAID 0, 1, SPAN and Independent.

OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual raid settings

The Elite Pro Dual is the perfect solution for any backup, audio/video, photography, or data management needs. Preconfigured, plug and play ready in RAID 0 high-performance mode, you can easily change among its RAID 0, 1, span, and independent modes for the best combination of speed, capacity, and redundancy to meet your workflow needs.

OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual review

The package includes cables as no one should have to spend extra time and money obtaining needed cables. It comes with high-quality USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt cables right in the box. Costs $430-$950.

Elgato Thunderbolt Dock, must have Apple Macbook Air Accessory

Elgato has released Thunderbolt Dock that adds extra ports by connecting a single port to the back of any Mac. It is a must-have and a very useful accessory for Macbook Air users which is really scarce on the ports-end.

Thunderbolt Dock from Elgato includes 9 ports and one more for 12V power adapter. There are a dedicated thunderbolt port for the input and one for daisy chaining extra peripherals such as HDMI, Ethernet and 3x USB 3.0 ports.

Elgato Thunderbolt Dock

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MP3 Exporting Capability Added To Garage Band for Mac

Apple has released an update for Garage Band for Mac that allows users to export MP3 files. The application is available as a free download from Apple’s Mac App store. The application lets you create and edit sound files. The new version has been a new look that makes music making easier than ever. The quick help option has been enabled that gives now gives you useful hints wherever you hover your cursor.

garage band

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Intel Broadwell Processors to release in second half of 2014

Intel has been selling haswell processors for a while and now those are set to be replaced in the second half of 2014 with new and faster broadwell chips. In fact, Intel has announced some of these chips for desktop machines this week where the chip maker mentioned that its parts will support DDR4 memory as well.

Intel Broadwell Processors to release in second half of 2014

Slated to be launched in the second half of 2014, one of these Broadwell parts will feature an eight-core Core i7 Extreme Edition aimed at gamers. It will have the most cores offered on desktop parts.

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