Cheap Broadwell laptops with Windows 10 from Acer and Lenovo

Acer and Lenovo have partnered with Intel and Microsoft and will be releasing three new families of laptops equipped with 11 and 14 inch displays and packing Intel Broadwell processor and Windows 10 operating system. Prices will start from 150 euro or 169 dollars for the cheapest broadwell laptop.

Cheap Broadwell laptops

Release date for cheap broadwell laptops 

These cheap broadwell laptops will be released in August which is almost 2-3 weeks after the launch of the new Windows 10 operating system. This information comes from Digitimes that says Acer will introduce a 11.6-inch laptop with the price of $ 169 (150 euro) and one with 14-inch clamshell design for about $ 199 (180 euro) while Lenovo will continue with Yoga laptops packing 14-inch display at a price of $ 249 (220 euro).

All of these cheap broadwell laptops will be manufactured by Inventec which is a laptop ODM that manufactures mainly for HP.

With the launch of these laptops, Microsoft wants to tackle the super cheap Chrombook lineup that is currently best seller on Amazon. Like last year, Microsoft has adjusted the prices of its tablets and notebooks with Windows to compete with Chromebook laptops. We are expecting Acer and Lenovo to use the super cheap Celeron 3215U and 3765U broadwell processors in these laptops.

RM-1099 Lumia spotted on Indonesian certification site

We have just spotted a new Lumia device on Indonesian website. Its product code is RM-1099 and it has been revealed for the first time. Earlier we have reported RM-1072 and RM-1077 phones both of which will come with 5 inch display packing 720p resolution. Both had earlier passed certification in Indonesia.

Unfortunately we do not have any word on specifications of RM-1099. In the upcoming Lumia devices, RM-1062 may be released as Lumia 1330 (successor of 1320) while RM-1072 will be churned out by the name of Lumia 1335. We will keep you updated if we dig out more information about the RM-1099.

RM-1099 Lumia

Could this be the Microsoft Lumia 940? We have to wait for some spec leaks. Maybe a windows 10 device? Who knows.

38 Xbox Games updated with WP8 Support

Back in November 2012 more than 20 Microsoft Xbox games no longer worked on the Windows Phone 8 devices. And then after few months some of the games returned but a lot of them were still left out.

Now MS has updated them and almost all of them have been recompiled for the WP8.1 users. Here is the list of the games that has been spotted by our staff.

The list is exhaustive but nothing new has been added in the games. That said we are happy to see 512MB support which will make all games compatible with WP8.1 handsets. 

38 Xbox Games updated with WP8 Support

  1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection – Download
  2. Microsoft Mahjohng – Download
  3. Hexic – Download
  4. Shuffle Party – Download
  5. Rise of Glory – Download
  6. Avatar Gadgets – Download
  7. Microsoft Minesweeper – Download
  8. Halo: Spartan Assault – Download
  9. Breeze – Download
  10. Parachute Panic – Download
  11. Jet Car Stunts WP – Download
  12. Max & the Magic Marker – Download
  13. Farm Frenzy 2 – Download
  14. AlphaJax – Download
  15. ilomilo – Download
  16. Crimson Dragon: Side Story – Download
  17. Fusion Sentient – Download
  18. Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) – Download
  19. I Dig It – Download
  20. BulletAsylum – Download
  21. Harbor Master – Download
  22. Big Buck Hunter Pro – Download
  23. Game Room – Pitfall! – Download
  24. Lode Runner Classic – Download
  25. Hexic Rush – Download
  26. Mush – Download
  27. Game Chest: Solitaire Edition – Download
  28. Game Room – Asteroids Deluxe – Download
  29. Implode! – Download
  30. Game Room – Centipede – Download
  31. CarneyVale: Showtime – Download
  32. iBlast Moki – Download
  33. Cro-Mag Rally – Download
  34. Hasta La Muerte – Download
  35. Crafting Guide – Download
  36. Glow Artisan – Download
  37. Game Room – Lunar Lander – Download
  38. UFC on Xbox LIVE – Download

Windows Phone 8.1.1 Feature List Leaked by Microsoft Employee

A massive feature list for the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1.1 has been leaked by a Microsoft employee on reddit. The employee, microsoftly claims that he works for Microsoft and following features are on their bucket list.

* Interactive live tiles
* Lock screen applications will be built inside core system
* Features in Action Center
* Music controls in Action Center
* More detailed notifications in Action Center
* Dividing line in Action Center
* Application Games to be deleted and replaced with Xbox One application dealing with avatar, messages, remote and other features.
* Name to be decided YouTube application to be built completely with html 5 coding as requested by Google
* Instagram application to have DIRECT MESSAGING and better video uploading capabilities and camera fixes UI for camera to be tweaked with enhanced features from Nokia Camera application
* KIK Messenger to be finished in late June, overhauled design and html 5 support Skype with completely new design.
* Messages in bubbles and chat heads similar to Facebook messenger?
* Facebook messenger to have improved notifications, polished design and new set of fonts along with video chat, calling and improved emoji store
* OneNote to have many new features as Word.
* A possible merger Ability to set WordFlow’s guide line to accent invisible
* Give users choice to have invisible tiles on individual applications
* New lock screen gestures input and other unique, disclosed password input technique options
* Calculator upgrades to version 2 with more scientific features
* Month view drastically changed in design in calendar application
* Alarm application to feature a stopwatch, timer and splits
* Cortana to head out of beta
* Internet Explorer applications
* Give uses the choice to delete Podcasts application
* New voice memo application Backgrounds (Accent Colour 2)
* Store with wallpapers from featured applications
* Ability to favorite applications in store to better suggestions
* Unit converting applications
* Change colour of keyboard to black, white, gray, accent colour without changing background color
* Keep word suggestion bar hidden until something is typed
* Tiles to update as frequently as 30 seconds if feature is turned on by user or developer
* Music volume controls to be centered
* OneNote having abilities to use art tools
* Facebook application from official company
* Email/Outlook application to follow same design as computer base
* Photos will have description such as name, place and time

Windows Phone 8.1.1

The ones that we will definitely we waiting for are music controls in Action Center; KIK messenger and direct messaging in Instagram.

Sony PlayStation 4 To Get Pre Loading Feature

Sony has announced that they will be enabling pre-loading feature on its Playstation 4 soon. The developer behind the game “infamous” was asked if there was a way to pre-download his game and this was the reply he got.

No preload on PS4 until April and for North America, the PS Store will update at midnight PST. So 3am EST

Sony PlayStation 4 To Get Pre Loading Feature

However it is not clear if pre-loading will be available for only his game or for the PlayStaiton 4 as whole. This is what that is unclear right now. This feature was spotted on a game called Titanfall for Xbox One but Microsoft quickly removed it and claimed it was an error.

Developers have started to allow gamers to pre-load games before even they officially release the game. This will allow the gamers to download and install most of the game so that when the game is released, they have the game already installed on their consoles.