mt6592 Updates Reviews and Rumors

MSI Primo 82 83 Specifications, tablets with 8 inch screen

MSI Primo 82 and Primo 83 are two upcoming tablets with eight inch displays. Both run Android operating system and come in variety of processors.  MSI Primo 82 Specifications This comes with a quad core Intel Atom

Vido M87 Specifications, powerful tablet with a 7 inch display and 3G

Vido showed off its tablets at the Hong Kong electronics fair and one of many is the M87 that is equipped with a equipped with a powerful central processing unit supplied by the Taiwanese company MediaTek as

Allview X2 Soul Specifications, comes with 5 inch display and 5.5 mm thick chassis

Allview a Romanian manufacture has released AllView X2 Soul which is an Android smartphone. Priced at 333 Euros the Allview X2 Soul will hit market shelves on June 10 in black color. If you are interested in

Ramos P1 Specifications, with Mediatek MT6592

Ramos is a company that is mostly known for its tablet such i10Pro but at the recent Hong Kong fair, the company presented a phablet called P1. It comes equipped with the new and promising MediaTek MT6592