Synology DiskStation DS416slim released

Synology DiskStation DS416slim reviews

Synology Inc. today announced the launch of its new model Synology DiskStation DS416slim , a server NAS with four bays for storage units is aimed at home users and professionals who need a compact storage solution with great energy saving and it easily transportable. It can accommodate up to four hard drives 2.5” for a total of 8TB of data available. Synology DiskStation DS416slim review.

From the point of view of hardware, the new Synology DiskStation DS416slim has a dual-core CPU 88F6820 Marvell Armada 385 with 32-bit internal architecture that runs at a clock speed of 1.0 GHz with an encryption engine and 512 MB dedicated DDR3 RAM.

Powered by Link Aggregation enabled, DS416slim is able to offer up to 170.23 MB / s read and 77.62 MB / s in writing. Writing through a single network Gigabit LAN rises to 78.81 MB / s, representing an increase of 30% compared to the previous generation. The high performance of Synology DS416slim is paired with low power consumption, since the DS416slim consumes only 17.17 watts on average while running.

Synology DiskStation DS416slim

The Synology DiskStation DS416slim is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The four hot swappable trays are easily accessible, and 2.5-inch hard drives can be replaced on the fly if necessary. In addition, the fan module located at the bottom of the unit can be removed in a blink of an eye in case of malfunction.

Synology DiskStation DS416slim review

For completeness, one of the two USB 3.0 ports is available on the front panel of the DiskStation DS416slim for convenient access by its users. The new DiskStation DS416slim runs DiskStation Manager (DSM), the most advanced and intuitive for NAS devices that exists right now in the operating system market.

With a wide range of backup applications, network management to multimedia, the DS416slim offers all essential services and increased productivity at work, as well as a complete entertainment center solution for the whole family. Synology recently led storage systems during the 10th celebration of the awards TechTarget NAS Quality Awards in a survey of intermediate users and received the highest rating for the initial characteristics of product quality and product.

Synology DS216j review: new affordable NAS for home

Synology DS216j review

The specialist network storage systems (NAS) Synology has announced the newest addition to its portfolio of home – oriented devices. This is the Synology DiskStation DS216j , a simple but powerful NAS two bays that already can buy a recommended price 175 euros with VAT included.

The DS216j incorporates a dual-core processor seeing improved performance over previous versions of DS216 with the addition of an integrated floating point unit that accelerates the generation of thumbnails. Similarly, the new processor allows the NAS generate speeds of data transmission 112.75 MB / s read and 97.6 MB of writing, but always depends on the speed of the hard drives we install within and the ability of the network to which we connect the DS216j.

Synology DS216j reviews

According to Synology, the DS216j consumes only 6.95 watts when both disks in hibernation, reaching a maximum consumption of 14.85 watts with both at full capacity. Thanks to these features, users can enjoy an experience fast and efficient use. Synology DS214se specs can be read here.

On the other hand, as always it Synology NAS uses the DSM interface (Disk Station Manager) brand, one of the best operating systems for NAS which allows almost any task, from integration with domains and creating LUN to volume configuration or RAID systems and internal course management applications, Synology NAS because as it allows access from outside the network with File DS and other applications.

review of Synology DS216j

Has said Jason Fan, product manager of Synology, “Thanks to the intuitive user interface of Synology, its platform to date and its versatile features, we expect the DS216j to become one of the best servers for Hoga. It is aimed at users who need a NAS to play, share and synchronize media content in the home, in addition to store data clear “.

As we advanced at first, Synology has already put on its website the new DS216j available to users at a price of 175.45 euros including VAT, and should soon reach its network of distributors and usual shops.