Nokia Updates Reviews and Rumors

Download Cyanogenmod 12 Android 5.1.1 for Nokia X2

Cyanogenmod 12 is now available for download for the Nokia X2 android devices. This means users of Nokia X2 will be able to enjoy Android 5.1.1 a k a lollipop on their phones. The progress is still

Breaking: Lumia 435 specifications leaked, might replace Nokia X

The Lumia sales of 730 and 830 models is great and to improve them even more, Microsoft is working on Lumia 435 windows phone which will retail at an even cheaper price tag than 530. This could

Nokia Lumia 930 PureView and Lumia 920 Camera Comparison

The Nokia Lumia 930 is the flagship windows phone from Microsoft. It will be interesting to see how it fares with the yesteryear’s top model, the Lumia 920. Here are the specifications of Nokia Lumia 920 camera

Nokia CP-623 Review, official case cover for Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is an amazing phone and for many of us, protecting its massive 6 inch full HD display is top priority. What better way to protect it other than using the official Lumia 1520

Nokia allowing Android developers to use LiveSight Features

Nokia HERE services have gained a lot of popularity on Windows Phone and eventually became available on iOS and Android as well. One of its best features is the LiveSight that allows you simply point your camera

Original Nokia Lumia 635 630 CC-3079 OEM Back Shell Case Review

The Nokia Lumia 630 allows users to easily change the back shell and since Lumia 635 shares the same chassis you can use the OEM cases for it as well. We recently received the official original CC-3079

Lumia 638 spotted on Chinese portal, specifications include 1GB RAM, Snapdragon 400

We have just spotted a new Nokia Lumia windows phone on a Chinese website. It is called the Lumia 638 and it has identical specifications like the Lumia 630 but packs a gigabyte of RAM instead of

New packaging for Lumia phones spotted

Microsoft has launched Lumia 630 in myriad countries but not many are talking about its new packaging which is radically different from the typical blue boxes we have seen since launch of Nokia windows phones. Personally we

Yezz Billy Specifications, Dual SIM Quad Core Windows Phone

Yezz is one of the first new OEMs to join the windows phone 8 operating system. If you willing to try a brand other than Nokia for windows phone, it is worth buying Billy which is now

Nokia Lumia 2520 AC-300 Charger found faulty

Nokia has announced that sale of its Windows RT tablet Lumia 2520 will be temporarily suspended. Sales in Denmark, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Austria, Russia and Switzerland have been affected. The sale has been stopped due to