Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo unveiled

The Samsung Grand Neo is a lean dual SIM Smartphone which offers a 5.01 inch TFT display with WVGA (800 X 480 pixel) resolution and 1 GB RAM. The 4.2 Jelly Bean Android OS operates upon unspecified 1.2 Ghz quad core processor. The 2,100 mAh battery can run up to 8 hours on 3G, and 10 hours on Wi-Fi. It offers 16 GB of internal memory (expandable up to 64 GB via mircoSD card). The Smartphone weights 163 grams.



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Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Samsung presented its Galaxy Note 3 Neo phablet, without disclosing the price. Unveiled in Poland, it will hit the global market in February with two variants: a 3G and an LTE model. Customers have three color options – Black, Green, and White. The Galaxy Note 3 Neo comes with S Pen stylus. Both the variants have near identical specifications, except for 3G model, which runs on a 1.6GHz quad-core. The LTE variant is powered by a hexa-core processor composed of two 1.7GHz Cortex A15 and four 1.3GHz quad-core Cortex A7. The Galaxy Note 3 Neo runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI layer on top.

Samsung-unveils Galaxy-Note-3-Neo

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Most of Samsung Profits come from Mobile devices

Samsung is a large Korean company that makes myriad electronics including televisions, phones, refrigerators, microwave ovens and so on. Believe it not, company’s actual money-making machine is their mobile devices division. Samsung’s sales and operating profit history describes the role of mobile devices in making Samsung financially strong. Almost half of the total turnover and 70 percent of operating profit comes from mobile devices. The graph also shows that the revenue growth in recent years is primarily due to increased sales of the phone.

Most of Samsung Profits come from Mobile devices

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Samsung Copies Windows Phone UI on Tizen Phone

I knew from the moment I saw Windows phone that Metro UI was the future of design language, this is never going to stop, companies are going to keep ripping Metro UI and looking more and more like it, its up to Microsoft to draw the line and say this is enough and there protect their design language, everyone from HTC one with Blinkfeed /panorama UI to Samsung and its Galaxy S4 hubs which is a blatant copy of WP music hub etc to iOS 7 and Moto X with its stock WP camera UI even Android since ICS 4.0 has been copying Windows Phone, WP has the most desired design language even app developers and websites have mimicked Metro aka Modern UI OS, Metro has spread like wildfire. They even used the same messaging icon! What on earth is Samsung smoking!

Samsung Copies Windows Phone UI on Tizen Phone

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LG G2 Price in Germany

LG G2, which is company’s successor is up for pre order in Germany. You can buy it from, even though LG has not revealed it in Germany so far. Media Markt and Saturn have given 30 September as their delivery date, but you can pre order it already.

LG G2 Price in Germany

The specifications of the LG G2 sound very tempting. At 5.2 inches, the display is slightly smaller than other phablet offered by Samsung, HTC and Sony. The resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels. LG has powered G2 by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, which comes in almost all of the new smartphones. There is 2GB of RAM and 16GB flash memory, but 32GB model is also planned.

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Honest Review of Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows Phone

There was a lot of hype around this game, so I thought I should finally install it on my new Lumia 925 windows phone. Seriously blows my mind they are charging $7 for a phone game that is pretty much just on-par with free or very cheap phone games in the same class, and on top of that have the gall to include microtransactions inside.

halo Spartan Assault review

I mean, ZombieHQ (link) is basically the same exact game, same exact level of visual fidelity, but involves zombies and not halo and is completely free (with optional micro transactions).

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Full Specifications of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro

Qualcomm has churned out quite a lot of powerful processors lately, but recently Snapdragon S4 Pro got a lot of traction online as Asus chose to use it in its Nexus 7 2. The first version came with Nvidia Tegra 3 which is a quad core processor. While the Snapdragon S4 Pro processor is also quad core, it is much more powerful too. There are three versions of it – S4 Play, Plus and Prime. Here are their detailed, full specifications.

Specifications of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro

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Flash Storage Pen Drive Mode in Galaxy S4 Zoom

Since the introduction of ICS (ice cream sandwich), Samsung has removed the UMS (USB Mass Storage) mode from all its devices. Axiomatically, it is not present in Galaxy S4 Zoom. But folks at galaxy phone have found a way on how to enable it.

Flash Storage Pen Drive Mode in Galaxy S4 Zoom

Basically, what you need to do is get a pre rooted ROM for it and flash it. Then install the UMS utility for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in it and you are good to go.

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