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Plextor M7V released

Plextor has announced the launch of its new line Plextor M7V , a line of SSD drives profitable consumer happening to those already launched the Plextor M6V series last July and how good analysis and praise received

Renice X9 review: first 2TB SSD RSATA connector

Renice X9 review. Renice Technology, a Chinese march focused on storage systems , high – end, has launched the first SSD market with 2 TB capacity that has connection RSATA (Rugged SATA), a type of connector especially

Netac Z1 is an external USB 3.0 SSD with 512 GB for 145 euros

If you are looking for an external storage of large capacity, endurance and speed at a good price you’re in luck, because the manufacturer Netac has just launched its new Netac Z1 solid state device SSD with

Intel DC PC3608 SSD Benchmark and Specifications

Intel DC PC3608 is the newest solid state drive that is targeted towards business market whose function is to replace the current family of PC3600 and even surpasses the PC3700 in certain benchmark tests. To achieve such

Toshiba XG3 PX04P BG1 specifications and speed

Toshiba Corporation has announced three new families of SSDs with PCIe interface using the protocol NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express). All are imed at various applications including high performance portable storage, tablets, computers 2 in 1 and server

Adata Premier SP550 specs, a TLC SSD

ADATA Technology has announced the latest addition to its range of solid state devices, the Premier SP550 and it has great specifications and offers good performance at low cost. It is a TLC (Triple Level Cell) type

Samsung 850 Pro SSD 2TB variant launched

Samsung has announced the inclusion of 2TB variant for Samsung 850 Pro and Evo SSDs. Thanks to their V-chip NAND memory ( NAND 3D Vertical ), Samsung’s product line now features 20 different models with capacities ranging

Macbook Pro: How to clone hard disk to SSD including operating system

So you just bought an SSD a k a solid state drive for your Macbook Pro and now you are looking to clone that old and slow hard disk and move all that data including the operating

Crucial BX100 specifications, affordable SSDs for the consumers

Crucial has launched some really good solid state drives that an average consumer can afford and buy. Called the Crucial BX100 it will be made available in four capacities –  120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB and

Micro SATA 1.8 inch SSD HDD to 2.5 SATA converter review

The Micro SATA 1.8 inch SSD-HDD to 2.5 inch converter is for using 1.8 inch SSD drives in laptops with 2.5 inch HDD bay. In simple words, it lets you use a small SSD or hard disk