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Viewsonic VX2573-sg VX2573-shw Specifications, designed for users who spend a lot of time in front of monitor

Viewsonic VX2573-sg and VX2573-shw are two new IPS monitors from electronic giant. It is specifically designed for users who spend many hours in front of the PC. They incorporate many features to improve the visual health of

ViewSonic VX2475SMHL-4K, new 24 inch Ultra HD Monitor

ViewSonic VX2475SMHL-4K is new monitor designed for entertainment, gaming and graphics editing . This 24-inch Ultra HD computer monitor joins hands with the rest of monitors in 4K segment that is expected to grow significantly in sales

Viewsonic Viewpad 100Q vs Nexus 7 2

Until last year, Viewsonic was among the most active companies in the field of tablets. However, its success was very limited as they distributed their tablets in selected countries. Due to the economic crisis and increased competition,