Z3735D Updates Reviews and Rumors

Chuwi Vi8 is a under-100 dollar Windows 8 tablet

Many experts once said that Windows tablets will never be able to match the affordability of Android tablets. Well those folks have been proven wrong as many big companies have already started offering cheap windows 8 tablets.

Asus EeeBook X205 Specifications, mini laptop reborn as $199

Asus is all set to reignite the mini laptop series with the EeeBook X205. The netbook brand is dead and thin laptops are in so Asus has made the right decision to launch a thin and portable

Atom Z3735D Z3735E Z3745 Z3745D Z3775 Z3775D Z3795 Specs, 4GB RAM Support Confirmed

Intel has launched a slew of new SKUs that includes the new Atom Z37x5 line up promising better graphics performance by 16 percent and support for 4GB RAM in Z3745, Z3775 and Z3795 SoC. All new chips,