Thermaltake Commander G series gaming boxes give you well ventilated PC

Thermaltake Commander G review

The three Thermaltake Commander G series gaming boxes, the G31, G32 and G33, as you may have seen in the previous technical specification chart, are basically the same model. but with slight changes. Aesthetics, more than anything, although the external dimensions of the three boxes only share the fact of having all the same width of 225 mm.

Thermaltake Commander G review

However, the internal capacities of the three boxes are identical for the three models. Thus, all allow the installation of tower type heatsinks up to 165 mm high. Or of graphics cards up to 300 mm in length. As well as power supplies up to 160 mm in length. As we can see, in all cases we are talking about dimensions that correspond to high-end components. Especially with regard to the height of the processor heatsink, with its 165 mm.

From the photos that we are uploading from the Thermaltake Commander G series boxes we can appreciate the large metal grid that these boxes have on their front. This grid is going to come very well to users who value more the cooling capacity of a box, above any other positive characteristic of it. But it is that, if a PC box cannot maintain good temperature for the components, it is not a good box, for many RGB LEDs that are used to decorate it.

To achieve the best ventilation inside the box, the three Thermaltake models can mount up to two 200 mm fans on their front, of which one of them is already included as standard. They join the possibility of installing three 120mm or two 140mm fans also in their front part (instead of the two fans that we have already mentioned), another two of 120 or 140mm in their ceiling, plus one of 120 or 140 mm at the back.

As you can see, the base plate mounting tray is quite simple, but it has the necessary holes to allow the passage of the power cables from the source, to the components that we are going to assemble. The bays for storage units are distributed in such a way that, under the separator cover there are two bays for 3.5 or 2.5-inch units, while on the back of the tray, there are two more bays for units of 2, 5 inches, only.

The front I / O of the three Thermaltake boxes is quite simple, since it is formed by a single USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports and two mini jack connectors for the headset and microphone, respectively.