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Download Wileyfox Swift 2 Debloater to clean up android phone

Folks at Wileyfox have started rolling out android 7 to their Swift 2 users and there is a lot of bloatware onboard. This is why some people are looking for some easy way to get rid of

Download lineage OS for Wileyfox Swift 2

Developer behind lineage OS has released a testing ROM for the Wileyfox Swift 2. And since it is in heavy development state, make sure to backup entire device. The ROM brings numerous enhancements and improvements over the

Download Wileyfox Swift 2 Recovery Image and Fastboot Image

Recover images of Wileyfox Swift 2 android phone are now available for download. This will help you get your phone to factory state if something goes wrong with it. We have also got hold of the fastboot

Galaxy S8 UI for Samsung J5 2016: Download S8 dream UI for Galaxy J5 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 UI has been ported to Galaxy J5. It is compatible with these models, J510MN, J510FN, J510GN, J510F, J510H, J510Y and J510FQ. For this, you will be installing custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy J5

Download J5 2016 TWRP 3.0 J510FN, J510GN, J510MN, J510H and J510F: Galaxy J5 2016 TWRP recovery download – SM-J510FN recovery

TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 android phone can be downloaded to install custom ROMs and other related hacks. It is also possible to easily root J5 by installing super SU. This J5 TWRP recovery has

Download Galaxy J5 Prime TWRP SMG570F SMG570Y Custom Recovery: Samsung J5 Prime Custom Recovery

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is a premium version of the Galaxy J5 series. Since it is only launched in selected countries, not a lot of development is taking place. Due to this, until today, not even Samsung

Best Android Tablet under 200 dollars: Cheap android tablet

Most popular tablets of 2014 are easy to use and even a grand mother or your mother can use it without having PC or Mac experience.

How Mobile Gaming Continues to Grow on mobile devices and ultrabooks

To say the news surrounding mobile gaming are exciting feels like a gross understatement. Of course, it used to be that the same feeling was attached only to ultrabook laptops and consoles, where developers were working painstakingly

OnePlus One exploded, burnt while charging

We have heard about Samsung Galaxy note 7 bursting into flames when charging with micro USB to USB type-C adapter but this is the first time we are hearing something similar for a OnePlus One phone. The

Download EMUI 4.0 for Huawei P8Max: Pro Camera, Magazine unlock, Huawei 4 launcher for P8Max

Huawei P8Max now gets Huawei 4 launcher, pro launcher, EMUI 4.0, Music Player, Gallery, Messaging, File Manager, Hw Backup, Hw Videos, Calculator, Calendar, Hw Clock, Contacts, Compass, FM Radio, FlashLight, Hw Mirror, Weather, Sound Recorder, Phone Manager,