Download Interop Tools for Windows 10 Mobile

Interop tools is available for download for the windows 10 mobile users and it lets you tweak your Nokia or Microsoft phone without the need to interop unlock it. It is still in beta and therefore, there might be some rough edges here and there. Here are the features of this app.

Download Interop Tools for Windows 10 Mobile

Edit the registry through the registry editor
Browse the registry hives through the registry browser
Find specific registry values/keys through the search page
Apply tweaks to your device
Interop and Cap unlock your device
Access device information
Remotely edit the registry through the built-in desktop app
Manage Applications
Manage Certificates
Perform standard registry operations such as deleting, renaming, and copying details
Built-In Command Prompt inside the app (coming in pre-1.9)
Manage SSH accounts and more (coming in pre-1.9)

Installation instructions:

* Download the latest Interop Tools appxbundle for your device architecture and its dependencies
* Extract both zips, and extract the certificate file if you’re installing Interop Tools on a desktop device
* Install Interop Tools dependencies like any regular appx, by opening up the Device portal for your device, going into the application section, click on browser for the app package, select the dependency appx, and then press install, do that for each dependency
* The install Interop Tools main appxbundle by pressing browser, pick it, then press install.

How to install Windows 10 Mobile on Nokia Lumia 530

The Nokia Lumia 530 did not get the official windows 10 mobile and even barred from getting the technical preview version of the windows 10 mobile. Fortunately, there is a way to hack it and it comes from the folks at XDA. Previously, the Nokia Lumia 530 users were able to use the vcRed and Extra&Info hack to get windows 10 mobile on their smartphones but once that stopped working, the Nokia Lumia 530 users were left alone in the dark. Nevertheless, xda developers have found this trick to install Windows 10 Mobile on Nokia Lumia 530.

install Windows 10 Mobile on Nokia Lumia 530

1. Free up some space – The “100-year trick”
* You will need a large Micro SD card – at least 4GB.
* The updates downloaded alone require around 900MB of space. After it’s finished, Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.164 takes 2.46GB on my Lumia 530. We’re going to need more space.
* Hard reset your phone
* When it comes back up, disable time synchronization, and set the date to 100 years in the future (e.g. 01/01/2155).
* Open the Settings App, and try to open all the various tabs. Many of them will tell you there’s a problem, and allow you to uninstall it.
* Uninstall any other apps from the All apps screen.
* You should have around 1.4GB free space now.

2. Developer Unlock your Lumia 530
* Install the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK
* If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register as a developer.
* Search for Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool 8.1 on your computer, and follow the steps to Developer unlock your Lumia 530 (your screen must be unlocked during this procedure. 
* Go to the app store, and install the Windows Insider and Preview for Developers app.
* Open up Storage Sense, and move Preview for Developers to the SD card.
* Make sure Windows Insider remains on your Phone storage; and the default App location is your Phone.

3. Interop Unlock your Lumia 530
* Grab and deploy CustomWPSystem_0500.xap and WPSystem_Folder_Unlocker_Release_ARM.xap to your phone (using the Windows Phone Application Deployment 8.1 program from the SDK -> C:\Program Files (x86)\ Microsoft SDKs\ Windows Phone\ v8.1\ Tools\ AppDeploy\ AppDeploy.exe)
* Copy CustomPFD_0003.xap to the SD Card
* Open up WPSystem_Folder_Unlocker on your phone, and tap “Unlock WPSystem Folder (sdcard)”. It should say “Success!”
* Open up CustomWPSystem on your phone.
* Tap the red bar “SD Card permissions”, then browse to your SD Card and tap Apply (the tick).
* Scroll to the bottom, and tap “Select the XAP”.
* Pick the CustomPFD_0003.xap file you copied to the SD card.
* Tap Apply Xap. Browse to Preview for Developers in the All Apps list. The icon should have changed.

4. Change your Device Identifiers

* Here’s the real reason this works: We’re going to pretend our humble Lumia 530 is actually a Lumia 535.
* Open the Preview for Developers app
* Browse to HKLM/SYSTEM/Platform/DeviceTargetingInfo and change the following keys:
PhoneManufacturer: MicrosoftMDG
PhoneManufacturerModelName: RM-1089_1048
PhoneModelName: Lumia 535
PhoneMobileOperatorName: 000-IT
5. Force updates to download to the SD Card – the “1GB File trick”

Windows update have always preferred to download updates to the local phone storage as it is faster than the SD card but since there is inadequate space on the Nokia Lumia 530, it will download the update files to the SD card. For that, on your PC, open up a Command Prompt as Administrator. Create a 1GB file (copy and paste following line in Command Prompt):
fsutil file createnew C:\1gb.tmp 1000000000

Copy the file to your Phone storage. Join the Insiders Program if you haven’t already, and select Slow Ring or Release Preview. Check for phone updates. Soon after the updates begin downloading (say 5% to be sure), you must delete the 1GB temp file. While this file forced Windows Update to download to the SD card, we still need all that space we cleared earlier for the updates to actually install. Now allow your phone to reboot when prompted.

Download Xperia Launcher for Nokia X2

Until now we have been able to install various launchers, for instance Note 4 launcher on Galaxy S4 and so on. Today we will show you how to install Xperia launcher on Nokia X2. This has been done thanks to an XDA user who has been able to do it on his Nokia X2.

Download Xperia Launcher for Nokia X2

To install, you will have push the launcher as system app. Download the Xperia launcher for Nokia X2 from here and install it like a regular APK file. After installation, the next time you press the home button, choose the Xperia launcher and set it as default so that you do not get the notification about choosing default launcher again and again.

A lot of people do not like the native Nokia X2 launcher and installing Xperia launcher is a good choice since it is used on all Sony Android phones including the low end and high end devices.

Download Lumia ROM Builder

Get Lumia Interop unlock by installing ROM builder for windows phone

Lumia Interop unlock is now finally possible thanks to excellent talented developers at XDA developers. Previously interop unlock was only limited to Samsung windows phone but finally interop unlock is possible for Lumia branded phones as well. Here are the steps on how to do it.

Download ROMRebuilder for windows phone

1. Download this file on your computer and extract it. You will find two files: ROMRebuilder.7z and customWPsystem. Extract ROMRebulder.7z and copy ROMRebuilder.xap file and Data to SD card.
2. Now copy and install CustomWPSystem v0.6 in phone memory.
3. Change year in phone to 2110 and run Extras + info. When you see an error message, tap uninstall button and set actual date.
4. Change installing applications to SD card.
5. Run CustomWPSystem , select Extra + info and tap Download from store.
6. If the application will be installed, go back to CustomWPSystem, tap SD Card permissions and select SD card. Now button should change to green color.
7. Tap Select the XAP , select ROMRebuilder.xap, and tap Apply XAP.
8. When everything will be done successfully, app Extras+info, will be converted to ROM Rebuilder (although the name remains Extras+info). When you have everything installed and ROM Rebuilder waiting for the commands, you need to do a few other important things.
9. Copy Data.bin to Data folder on SD card. To create Data.bin file, follow these steps:

1. Run ROM Rebuilder and tap Backup button. OEMSettings.reg file will be copied to Backup folder on SD card.
2. File OEMSettings.reg is compressed using gzip. You can open it using e.g 7-zip. Inside archive is located one file. Click on it with the right mouse button and select edit.
3. At the bottom add whole content from additional_entries.reg and save the changes.
4. Change name OEMSettings.reg to Data.bin and copy this file to Data folder on SD card.

Finally, you can press Rebuild button in ROM Builder. Whole process will take a little moment. After getting Success message, you need to do Hard Reset on windows phone.

Jtag Pins of Lumia 520 620 720 820 920 925 1020 HTC 8X 8S SGH-T899M GT-I8750

Courtesy of XDA we finally know the location of Jtag pin location of variety of Nokia Lumia, HTC and Samsung Windows Phone devices. We have included pictures of the Jtag pin, along with the dump and repair boot.

Samsung SGH-T899M and GT-I8750

Samsung SGH-T899M jtag
samsung GT-I8750 jtag
DUMP :…GH-T899M/Dump/
Repair boot :…-T899M/Repair/
HTC 8S jtag repair boot
Repair boot :…910000/Repair/
HTC 8X repair boot
NOKIA Lumia 520
nokia lumia 520 jtag location
Repair boot :…ia_520/Repair/
Nokia Lumia 620
nokia lumia 620 jtag
Repair boot:…ia_620/Repair/
Nokia Lumia 720
nokia lumia 720 jtag
DUMP :…umia_720/Dump/
Repair boot :…ia_720/Repair/
Nokia Lumia 820
nokia lumia 820 jtag
Repair boot :…ia_820/Repair/
Nokia Lumia 920
nokia lumia 920 jtag
Repair boot :…ia_920/Repair/
Nokia Lumia 925
nokia lumia 925 jtag
Repair boot :…ia_925/Repair/
Nokia Lumia 1020
nokia lumia 1020 jtag
DUMP :…mia_1020/Dump/
Repair boot :…a_1020/Repair/
The Jtag pins are useful for recovering your windows phone device if you are not able to recover it from errors like QHSUSB_DLOAD and so on.

How to block all ads on Nokia and Microsoft Lumia phones

Thanks to XDA we have a really nice way of blocking ads on Lumia phones. This tool works on all Lumia handsets with micro SD card slot. This method also prevents ads in applications and games.

adblock windows phone

1) You must have an interop-unlocked handset with full file system access. To have full system access, download and install this on your windows phone.
1) Download the latest "blocking" hosts file, for example, from here
2) Rename your download from hosts.txt to HOSTS
3) Connect your handset to PC, navigate to \Windows\system32\drivers\etc folder
4) Paste downloaded HOSTS file, choose "replace" in the copying dialog.
5) That is it, no need to reboot like Android phones.

To revert back, simply delete \Windows\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS file.

Svyaznoy offers Nokia Lumia 930 and 830 promotion

Russian mobile chain retailer Svyaznoy has launched a promotion of Nokia Lumia 930 and 830 smartphones in its shops. The flagship Lumia 930 smartphones that features 5 inch full HD display and 20 mega pixel camera is being offered by RUB 22,990 ($427) while the Lumia 830 is being sold for mere RUB 16,990 ($315).

The Lumia 930 and 830 used to retail for RUB 24,990 ($464) and 19,990 ($371) respectively.

Svyaznoy offers Nokia Lumia 930 and 830 promotion


The Svyaznoy’s site also lets you buy it on installments. In this, you will have to pay only 10 percent of the phone’s value and rest of the amount is divided into 12 month span.

How to unbrand Nokia XL Android phone

There are many reasons of why you would want to unbrand your Nokia XL android phone. So here are the steps on how to do it.

Download and install if you don’t have this software Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0.0 (
Download and install Data Package Manager 4.2 (2013.7.5).
Download and unzip to where you want UserGroupsConfiguration.
Remove the SIM card during the all process.

Here are the authentication files you will require for using Nokia Care Suite.

For Windows x86 (32 bits) PC

Copy the file UserGroupsConfiguration.cfg(therefore the decompressed file), in the three following directories:

* "C:\Programmes\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Data Package Manager\bin"(essential for using Data Package Manager category).
* "C:\Programmes\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Multi Software Updater 5.0" (not useful for the tutorial, but essential to use the Multi Software Updater 5.0 category).
* "C:\Programmes\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0"(not useful for the tutorial, but essential to use the Product Support Tool For Store 5.0 category).

Windows x64 (64 bits) PC


Copy the file UserGroupsConfiguration.cfg(therefore the decompressed file), in the three following directories:

* "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Data Package Manager\bin"(essential for using Data Package Manager category).
* "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Multi Software Updater 5.0" (not useful for the tutorial, but essential to use the Multi Software Updater 5.0 category).
* "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0"(not useful for the tutorial, but essential to use the Product Support Tool For Store 5.0 category).

How to download and flash stock ROM

Run Nokia Care Suite software and double-click on theData Package Manager category. Make sure that Nokia Care Suite Server is selected and click on Ok.

How to unbrand Nokia XL Android phoneHow to download and flash stock ROM

* If for one reason or another, the authentication with the Nokia Care Suite Server is not performed, so click on Work offline and on Ok. In the top left of the Data Package Manager window, click on File, on Work Online and on Ok.

* Fill in the two parameters Product Type and Product Code. Click on Search button. Right-click on the file found and click on Download Selected and wait the completed download to 100%.

* For only those, who have downloaded Stock ROM without using the Data Package Manager category, you must copy the downloaded files in the following directory:C:/ProgramData/Nokia/Packages/Products/RM-XXX(where XXX is your RM (RM-XXX = Product Type, and you can find your RM with the link Product Type & Product Code), for example for me with my Nokia X it is RM-980).
* Run Nokia Care Suite software and double-click on the Product Support Tool For Store 5.0 category. Click on Work offline. Stay in mode No connection.

nokia product support tool xldowload Nokia Care Suite for xl

In top left of the Product Support Tool For Store 5.0 window, click on File and then on Open Product. Find your Android Nokia, or in the Filter box, tap on keyboard the Product Type of your Android Nokia (in my case, a (RM-980) Nokia X) and select your Android Nokia. Then click on Open. Click on Programming, and then click on Recovery.

Click on Update list. Select the Stock ROM downloaded. Click on Start. Wait a little that Product Support Tool For Store 5.0 verifies of data Packages integrity then it starts flashing operation, and it will show you an error (it indicates that the application has lost the connection, but this is normal because the phone is not connected).

Connect the USB end into the USB port of your PC. Turn off your Android Nokia. Press and keep the Volume Down button and the Power button. Once a vibration felt, release the Power button. Release the Volume Down button after 15 seconds. Connect the other USB end to the USB port of your Android Nokia. Click on Retry in Recovery window.

If a error message like this during flashing:"MSG_INVALID_SIZE_SECURE_FLASH_RESP: 0x00040006" If that happens, try changing the USB port where your Android Nokia is connected. For example, if it’s a USB 3.0 port, try to connect it to a USB 2.0 port.

* If a message like this during flashing: "You have chosen not assigned product code for this device, do you wish to continue?" This is normal, it just means that the Product Code/Stock ROM chosen does not matches with that of the Android Nokia. But do not worry, this is quite normal. Click on OK.

* Wait the flashing process. Click on Close.
* Congratulations the process of flash is complete.

Nokia XL: Download CM10 Cyanogen Mod 10

If you want to enjoy vanilla Android experience on your Nokia XL, the best way is to go and install CM10 also known as Cyanogen Mod 10. Since the ROM is still pretty much a WIP, we suggest you not to use it as your daily driver. In fact there are some know problems or bugs.

ON_IOC_ALLOC error warning Out of memory (in logcat)
Fast drain battery
Latest Facebook & Messenger not working (use old Facebook app)
FM radio not working (same thing before ported)

Here is what is working so far:

Dual sim 3G/2G
Camera Front/Rear working fine
All Sensor
Rotation 0,90, & 270 degrees
CPU performance (Over clocking)
Micro phone

Nokia XL Download CM10 Cyanogen Mod 10

Here is its installation procedure:

1. Make sure you have its custom recovery installed
2. We suggest installing TWRP (touch recovery).
3. Download CM10 zip file from bottom link.
4. Copy it to SD card
5. Go to Recovery mode by pressing both Volume up + Power button
6. Select the zip and flash it.
7. Just wait to finish and enjoy.

Get CWM clock work mod recovery for Nokia XL

CWM also known as Clock work mod recovery lets you install custom firmwares and unauthorized stuff on your Nokia XL. The CWM for Nokia XL is same as the one for Nokia X but has build.prop modified. To install it use the Nokia X Flasher tool and flash recovery partition.

CWM for Nokia XL, Kernel for the Nokia XL

The CWM for Nokia XL is made from Cyanogen Mod 11 sources and kernel sources by Nokia. It shall be noted that you will void the warranty by flashing this CWM on your Nokia XL.