Galaxy S3 gets Android Pie: Download Android Pie for Samsung S3

galaxy s3 android pie

An unofficial build for Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 (Exynos) has popped up online that give users of this 5 year old phone taste of latest Android – Android 9 Pie to be specific. Almost everything is working in this android pie ROM for Galaxy S3 except for video recording, ability to take screenshots, sensors and GPS. If you can live without them, this ROM is perfect to be used as daily driver.

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Vanilla ROM for S9 / S9+: Download Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Resurrection Remix ROM

If you are looking for vanilla experience on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, there is no better ROM than the Resurrection Remix, whose developer has churned out many quality ROMs for various Samsung and non-Samsung android devices in the past. This is a ROM for Exynos devices only and bre5 vendor is needed before you install this ROM.

Vanilla ROM for S9  S9

Installation instructions for this ROM:

* Install the S9+ TWRP and make sure it’s fully functional
* Download the build and flash it through TWRP. Download link
* Install the Gapps and addOnSU if you want. This will give you optional root access.

Default density is set to 560 on the S9 and if you think the text is too small, change it to 600/640.

This is a great ROM that is based on cyanogen mod, slim, omni and original remix firmware builds. It is a perfect mix of performance, features and customization. A lot of things have been tweaked by the developer and included in this ROM for the S9 and S9+. Everything works on the official Lineage build is working on this ROM.

Download Galaxy S9+ (Plus) TWRP recovery for installing third party custom ROMs – SM-G965F/FD/N exynos variants only

galaxy s9 plus twrp custom recovery

If you just bought a Samsung galaxy S9 Plus and thinking of installing third party (custom) ROMs on it, you will have to get hold of its TWRP, which is a custom recovery. This will pave the way for installing all those amazing firmwares available on the xda developers.

Keep in mind that once you have installed TWRP custom recovery on your Galaxy S9+, your warranty will be voided as it trips knox to 0x1. Also, it is meant to be installed on only SM-G965F/FD/N exynos variants only.

Installation instructions for installing Galaxy S9+ (Plus) TWRP recovery are given below.

0. Make sure you enabled developer settings by pressing the build number several times and have the OEM unlock enabled
1. Boot into download mode by pressing: bixby, volume down and power
2. Download the latest Odin version, open it
3. Download the recovery file from below and put it into the AP tab. You can download it from here.
4. Untick “auto reboot” in odin and flash the file
5. After flashing, boot into twrp. Make sure to NOT allow system to be modified till you disable dm-verity! (otherwise your phone will be stuck at bootloop). Alternatively flash my stock patched kernel to the boot partition (install, install img, check the kernel, check boot partition, done). Find the patch kernel here
6. To disable encryption you need to format data

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Nemesis custom kernel for the Galaxy S9/S9+

Nemesis custom kernel for the Galaxy S9 S9

The default kernel on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ now let you control the CPU frequency so you are not able to underclock or overclcok it on demand but this custom kernel, Nemesis lets you do that and more. It also includes a RAMdisk and comes with pre defined CPU governors that let you get more speed or battery life.

Installation instructions

1) Put the zip file in your SD Card. Download it from here
2) Reboot in Recovery Mode (TWRP)
3) Install the Kernel

Features of the Nemesis custom kernel for the Galaxy S9/S9+.

– Build with latest 4.9 google toolchain
– Build with ARC5 kernel source code
– Latest Linux version 4.9.88, is always up to date
– Performance and Batterylife improved
– Choose between different CPU governors: performance, powersave, userspace, ondemand, interactiv, conservative, schedutil (default)
– Includes latest ARC5 ramdisk
– I/O schedulers: CFQ (Default), No-op, Deadline
– TCP (Network) control: Bic (default), Reno, cdg, cubic, dctcp, Westwood, Highspeed, Hybla, HTCP, Vegas, Veno, Scalable, LP, Yeah, Illinois, Lia, Olia, Wvegas, balia
– Selinux is set to permissive (settings will show enforcing to fake apps)
– All samsung security related configs disabled (as knox, tima, restrict rooting)

Download Android 7 Nougat for Sony Xperia V

Sony may never release Android 7 Nougat for the Xperia V but XDA community does not care. Their developers have churned out a custom ROM that not only brings Android 7 to Sony Xperia V but offers it in vanilla flavor which means no bloatware – nothing.

Sony Xperia V android 7 nougat

Installation instructions for installing Nougat 7 on Sony Xperia V:

– Download the latest build
– Download Gapps
– Take a nandroid backup
– Recommended – Full wipe and factory reset
– Flash ROM using latest TWRP 3.x Recovery
– Flash Gapps
– Reboot.
– Enjoy

Keep in mind that Gapps do not come pre-installed in the ROM but you can immediately install them after installing ROM. Do not reboot after ROM and install Gapps immediately.

Here’s what is working:

RIL (Calls, SMS, Mobile Data)
Audio and video
BT Audio
OpenGL rendering
Sensors (accelerometer,compass,light,proximity)
auto brightness
notification led
Wifi,Bluetooth and USB tethering
Adoptable storage
Auto rotation

So while everything is working, there can be bugs here and there. This ROM is tested but nothing is bug-free – not even the official Sony ROM.

HTC U11+ Deodexed stock ROM based on Android 8 Oreo

HTC U11  Deodexed stock ROM based on Android 8 Oreo

HTC U11+ fully stock deodexed ROM based on Android 8 Oreo OS is made available by a user on xda-developers. It has same extracted system and boot images from latest RUU files. As said earlier, the firmware is deodexed and rooted with Magisk. All APK files have been zipaligned for best performance.

Here are the installation instructions for installing the HTC U11+ deodexed ROM:

* Download Skyline rom zip file and copy it to internal or external storage of your device.
* Enter recovery, select wipe and advanced wipe
Choose Dalvik/ART Cache,Cache,Data and swipe to wipe
* Select “Install” in recovery, choose your zip file from storage and swipe to confirm flash
Wait until finishing and boot process
* Process boot>Finish>reboot>htc animation>black screen(wait around 3-5 min)>show process update>htc power>setting device.

How to fix boot
1.reboot devices to recovery mode
2.flash patch_boot.img via twrp (choose install imge)
3.reboot >htc bootani>black> power+volume down for boot in HTC downlod mode and select reboot
>htc power android>htc boot animation>updtae number show>htc power android>set up devices

Features of the ROM:

*Android 8.0
*Google security Patch 1/12/2017
*Rom base 1.24.401.7>New Base Rom
*Updated Stock Apps
*Update carries
-SuperSU 2.82
-Last Magisk root V16.3>>Update magisk
*GoogleCamera Last update new version >>MGC_5.1.018_v2e_tolyan009_v1.4
-Add ARStickers
-Add ARCore
-Enable Portrait
-Enable Google Lens
*SonyMusic App
*Kernel Option
-CleanSlate v1.7.7
-Wind Kernel – r1
*Pixel launcher
*Add Android Messenger
*Add Feature Pixel 2017
*Modify Boot
-DWTL >Update >>1.24.1405.7
-WWE >Update>>1.24.401.7

HTC U11 Life kernel lets you change squeeze and backlight settings

Here is a kernel for the HTC U11 Life android smartphone. To install it, all you need is an unlocked phone with TWRP custom recovery installed. Nothing else. Not even root is required. This kernel lets you change the settings for the squeeze control and have more control over the backlight.

Here is a video of the kernel in action on the HTC U11 Life.

Installation instructions:

0. TWRP – backup boot partition
1. TWRP flash zip
2. reboot, install both CleanSlate Companion and Configuration apps
3. Start companion App, grant permissions, leave it running (should start on each reboot by itself, but it’s worth starting manually, it’s quicker)
4. Start Configuration app, grant permission, configure to your liking and don’t forget to press Save button (disk icon)

HTC U11 Life kernel

Feature list:

* Squeeze Control (Wake,Peek,Sleep,Swipe)
* Kernel Ambient Display
* Backlight Dimmer
* Button Light Notification * when Secondary display turns off, BLN will start
* Notification double vibration pattern detection based Button Light Notifications
* “Endless BLN while charging” + “Notification vibration length based two types of blinking pattern for BLN” features
* KCAL Color Control
* Fingerprint doubletap sleep
* K.AdAway * kernel adblocking feature for browsing and in app (not for youtube stream etc)
* Smart Notification Control
* CleanSlate Companion app
* Unprivileged Configuration Interface Config App
* ROM side Ambient Display support for all notification functions
* Flashlight Notification
* Vibrating Notification Reminder
* Notification Booster on vibrating notifications when screen is off
* Gradient battery charging led turning from amber to green based on battery level percentage, then at full charge it starts to smoothly change from full bright green to golden and the back to full green cycling, signalling 100% battery for easy spotting
* Fading notification led fading/pulsating type notification LED blinking
* Upper grill RGB LED light brightness level you can lower the brightness level of the upper grill RGB led now
* Adrenoboost version 2.2 * smooth gaming, battery friendly, fixing GPU handling of stock HTC kernel -* battery friendly conservative governor. Three levels (1 is the most battery friendly), and off state.
* NTFS/ReadWrite
* Wakelock reduction patch

HTC U11 Oreo custom ROM: Download Android 8 Oreo for HTC U11

HTC U11 is an awesome phone but you can make it even better by installing the latest custom Android 8 Oreo ROM on it. The best part is that so far users have not reported any issues which means it is great as a daily driver. Only install this custom Oreo ROM if official Oreo is available for your device. If not, just flash the Radio, DSP & Bluetooth zip via HTC U11 custom recovery.

HTC U11 Oreo custom ROM

How to install it?

Download ROM. Boot to Recovery (Volume down + Power > Bootloader > Recovery) – START IN READ ONLY MODE
Nandroid backup your entire stock system IMAGE & boot.img to your External SD Card
Reboot to recovery and swipe to allow modifications
Copy the latest to your External SD Card
Optional wipe: Boot to Twrp > Select Wipe > Select Format Data > Type yes when prompted
In TWRP select install, locate and select the LeeDrOiD ROM zip on your external SD & follow the prompts.

The ROM comes with a custom kernel too which lets you do the following:

Button Backlight notification’s (tunable)
Fingerprint double tap to sleep (tunable)
Chromatic battery charging led
Fading notification led
Sqeeze 2 Peek
Squeeze 2 Sleep
Squeeze 2 Wake

Here are the features of the ROM:

Current Base: HTC Europe 2.33.401.10
November 2017 Security Patches
Android 8.0.0
HTC Sense 9.5
Optional Root with the latest SuperSU thanks to @Chainfire – Optional!
Ability to run un-rooted & retain all customization! – + SafeteyNet Pass!
Option to Root with Magisk! -+ SafeteyNet Pass! (Android Pay and PoGo can be used)
International base with Sprint, US Unlocked & DUGL support!
Massive Locales/Language list
Optional Encryption!
Partially De-odexed
Zip-aligned for improved performance
Partitions trimmed for improved performance
init.d & su.d support
All tamper props reset on boot
Persistent ADB
Disable error reporting & hrdump
Stripped HTC logging & feedback
BusyBox, SQlite3, Bash & Nano shell
Package Signature Checking Disabled
Performance, battery life & memory improvements
HTC U11+ Smart Display
100% working SystemUI Tuner!
Android Logo font pack
LeeDrOiD wallpapers
System clean-up’s
Additional HTC Widgets
HTC Gallery & Photo Editor
HTC Music
Custom LeeDrOiD Locales & Language support.