Corsair HS50 stereo headphones for gamers released


The manufacturer Corsair has just presented its new Corsair HS50 stereo headphones. These new supra-aural helmets have been thought to provide all the comfort. And the comfort that professional video game players require. But without sacrificing the precision and richness of the sounds they hear, given that they are a fundamental part of the battle. The custom 50mm neodymium speaker transducers deliver superior sound quality. With wide range and precision, while the removable microphone with Discord certification. As well as volume controls and mute on the handset itself. They facilitate an adjustment on the fly without having to leave the game. The HS50 are connected through a 3.5 mm connector. That achieves a wide compatibility, available in color carbon, green Xbox One or blue PS4. The HS50 brings the award-winning Corsair quality audio to all PC, console and mobile players.

Regardless of whether they play at a desk, on the couch or on the train. Nothing should be interposed between the action and the user. Thanks to the adjustable viscoelastic foam pads, the HS50 are designed to offer such exceptional comfort that you will forget you are wearing them. Gone are the days of coarse gaming headphones that sounded as bad as they looked. With a minimalist style, subtle stitching, an aluminum frame and custom 50mm neodymium speaker transducers, the HS50 look wonderful and sound even better.

The new Corsair HS50 helmets are compatible with all current gaming platforms. Players demand great audio wherever they go, whether on the PC in the console or on a mobile device. With the 3.5 mm universal connector, it is easy to connect the HS50 to the PC (through the Y-cable adapter that is offered), to the PS4, to the Xbox One or to the phone. Thanks to the removable microphone, the HS50 are perfect for playing anywhere. When you want to sit and play, the optimized unidirectional microphone will reduce ambient noise to improve voice quality. It has the Discord certification. So your teammates will hear you clearly, no matter how intense the game is.

With the aluminum structure, the legendary quality of the CORSAIR design and fantastic audio on PC, console and mobile, the HS50 has been designed to be comfortable and to be perfect for battle.

Gfycat Minute-Long GIF Support Added

Gfycat has added a new GIF feature that promises to transform how we share short form content: longer GIFs that fully capture product demos, gamer reels, tutorials, and DIYs. Until now, the Gfycat supported only 15 seconds GIF which was not enough most of the time. The company listened to its customers and has added support for minute-long GIFs now.

Gfycat Minute-Long GIF

So, now the users do not have crop or speed up their highlights, or find other ways to “hack” Gfycat’s 15-second limit. Users begged and pleaded for longer GIFs to fully capture their moments of glory. In response, Gfycat decided to roll out one-minute GIF support so gamers could create better highlight reels, makeup artists could create better DIY videos, and chefs could better demonstrate their recipes.

Richard Rabbat, Gfycat CEO said

Gaming is a 91 billion dollar industry, and obviously we want to ensure that gamers bring out their inner creator through the tools we provide to make the best possible content. The short video has become a core part of how we interact today, whether that’s in the form of a GIF, a snap, or an Instagram video, what we’re witnessing is a seismic shift in communication.

Is antivirus for android really needed?

It is a mind bending fact that even the playstore is brimming with malware applications right now. In fact, few days back, a malware by the name of DroidDream has popped up which is said to have compromised personal data of users. It takes over the device and sends information back to its hacker putting your data at risk. So if you are an android user and paranoid about security of your phone, it is now time to get an antivirus app.

avg antivirus review (2)

We installed and tested many antivirus applications and found the AVG antivirus to be most effective. This antivirus application doubles as antimalware and runs in the background at all times. Like a watchdog, it keeps an eye on the data that is downloaded on your phone. It ensures that no malware or virus is able to infect your phone and steal personal PIM and other information. It is a free mobile antivirusapplication and anyone can install it for free from the playstore.

After installing AVG antivirus on your phone, you should do a scan of your phone. You can tell it to do scan of both internal as well as external storage. This is also recommended as it will help find any malware or virus that could be there on your phone already.

avg antivirus review (1)

AVG antivirus can run in the background without making the phone down. It monitors your web browsing sessions and ensures no malware website is able to install dangerous application or game on your phone. If it finds something dangerous, it immediately alerts and notifies you.

AVG antivirus is more than just an antivirus application. It keeps track of your mobile data usage and alerts you if you are going overboard. It also optimizes internal storage space. It does this by clearing the cache, cookies and unneeded site data that it downloads over the internet.

avg antivirus review (3)

It comes with several other useful features such as device lock feature which can automatically lock your android phone or tablet if the SIM card is replaced. So even if the thief gets hold of your phone, you can be rest assured that the data and PIM information stored on it is safe.

Verdict – AVG Antivirus is the best antivirus application for android devices and must have for all users.

Acer X115 X125H X135WH projectors price and release date

Acer X115H, X125H and X135WH are the three new projectors that provide brightness up to 3400 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 20,000: 1. They will be making their way to European market with a price tag of 349 euros.

Acer X115H, X125H X135WH (1)

The three new projectors offer improved usability, installation flexibility and ecological capabilities that position it ahead of the competition in terms of quality and price. Offering high brightness up to 3400 ANSI lumens , the projectors of the X1 series have the ability to project crystal clear images with vibrant colors even at long distances on large screens or indoors under daylight conditions.

Acer X115H, X125H X135WH (2)

Acer DynamicBlack improves image contrast by analyzing the content frame by frame and dynamically adjusting the lamp power to maximize the black levels. Thanks to ColorBoost3D technologies and ColorSafe II, the natural colors are represented in an extremely realistic both for 2D and 3D content.

The projectors are also characterized by color wheels optimized to six segments, advanced lighting technology and powerful image processing processors. Acer EcoProjection reduces energy consumption by up to 70% and allows the user to customize power-saving configurations, while Acer ExtremeEco extends the lamp life up to 10,000 hours, saving on replacement costs and let user use it for many years to come.

All models in the Acer X115H, X125H and X135WH can be mounted on the ceiling and the image is rotated 180 degrees to ensure correct orientation. The vertical keystone offers up to 40.

A low noise level finally ensures a clear audibility with both presentations, both for entertainment. The Acer X1 range will be available from this month with prices starting from 349 euro.

Download Teclast X98 Plus Windows 10 Image

Did you mess up the installation and now looking to download Teclast X98 Plus windows 10 image on it? We have got hold of its official Teclast X98 Plus Windows 10 image as well which you can download from mega.

Download Teclast X98 Plus Windows 10 Image (2)

Installation instructions:

* connect the USB key and keyboard to the tablet
turn tablet on. Hit F7 on keyboard and select your USB flash drive.
* the installer will start and you will get blue screen error which is normal
* wait the tablet to reboot and hit F7 again and select your USB key
* Now the installer will install both windows 10 and android.

The Teclast X98 Plus Windows 10 image is official and it has not been messed or changed in any manner. It comes directly from Teclast and a visitor of our site has simply mirrored it on to mega’s website.

Download Teclast X98 Plus Windows 10 Image (1)

Formats supported:
Picture format: BMP,GIF,JPEG,PNG
Music format: AAC,MP3,WMA
Video format: 3GP,AVI,MP4
MS Office format: Excel,PPT,Word
E-book format: PDF,TXT

Quick specs:
Battery Capacity(mAh): 3.8V/8000mAh
Battery / Run Time (up to): 8 hours video playing time
AC adapter: 100-240V 5V 2A
Back camera: 2.0MP
Front camera: 2.0MP
TF card slot: Yes
Micro USB Slot: Yes
Micro HDMI: Yes
3.5mm Headphone Jack: Yes
OS: Android 5.1,Windows 10
CPU Brand: Intel
CPU: Cherry Trail Z8300
GPU: Intel HD Graphic(Gen8)
Core: 1.44GHz,Quad Core

Zbox PI221 specifications: fanless windows 10 TV stick

Zbox PI221 specifications (1)

The Chinese company Zotac, which is headquartered in Hong Kong, is well known in our latitudes, and may not be missing at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. We looked around on the ground and among others the Mini PC Zotac Zbox caught us PI221.

Passive cooling

The Zbox PI221 differs from the model with the number PI220 actually only by the passive cooling, the aluminum body comes here without the mini-fan. At Computex 2016, the device has been shown and also convinced the professional audience, since one has been awarded the “Design and Innovation Award in Computers and Systems”.

Zbox PI221 specifications (2)


Of course, the absence of the fan has a noise reduction result, because although only put small fan in mini PCs, can make the already duly noise when the system has to be cooled. When Zotac Zbox PI221, which can be described as classic HDMI PC stick, attempts are made ​​to regulate the cooling via the housing, if it works sustainably, the device needs but only in practice prove. The processing in any case is more than just neat, the aforementioned design prize goes no doubt why perfectly fine. Under the hood send an Intel Atom x5 plugged-Z8300, this has a base clock of 1.44 GHz, if necessary, it goes up to up to 1.84 GHz.

Zbox PI221 specifications (3)

4 gigabyte limit

As memory only two gigabytes installed, but has economic reasons and not technical. Because Microsoft provides a lower-cost Windows 10 license only for devices with four gigabytes available. And in this comparatively new PC-class, the price war is out pretty hard.However, we were able to eat out in experience, that there are certainly considerations when Zotac to offer a 4 GB version, even if this would be between 25 and 50 Dollar more expensive.

Astrobotic MoonMail review: US start-up wants to bring private packages to the moon

New Extraterrestrial business idea: A US-based company wants to lure customers by offering to deliver small packages to the moon. The end of 2017 to the first delivery of private programs held for the Earth’s satellite and make the remembrance contained thus “immortal”.

Currently experiencing the private space in the US a real wedding. Besides the well known industry representatives SpaceX, which it has been possible to land a rocket on land and on a drone ship in the ocean, but still want to earn other companies in this boom. US start-up Astrobotic hopes to cash with the idea of moon post, in order to finance the actual mission.

The bigger the package the higher the price

Under the heading Moon mail and with the motto “do your souvenir on the moon immortal “the company advertises currently on its homepage to private customers who are interested in a package delivery to the lunar surface. As usual with the space, the potential size of the Moon delivery, however, remains relatively limited. “Astrobotic now accepts small souvenirs, which are received at our first mission to the moon,” the company said. “This memory will be stored for centuries there.”

In the first step, interested customers have to choose one of three basic capsules, so to speak, serve as packet size for souvenirs. The service fee for the smallest container with dimensions of 1.3 cm to 0.3 cm is 460 dollars. Those who book the widest possible moon package with dimensions of 2.5 cm to 5 cm, have to pay $ 25,800. After the capsule was then sent to Astrobotic, this promise in the next step with a “high-resolution photo” to document exactly when in the is used according to lunar vehicle, with the total private space programs are to be placed on the lunar surface.

Astrobotic MoonMail review

Astrobotic wants the Moon mail finance part of its actual main mission, which is the first private company to carry out a commercial moon landing. So he can do the moon for “scientists, researchers and other pioneers” accessible again.

Lemfo D3 is a smartwatch for all times

Lemfo D3 review

If you are looking for a smartwatch young, self – assured and very functional, and you can stop looking because we present the Lemfo D3 , an intelligent clock so bring of head through the front door of devices wearables kind and always stick with your aesthetics. You’re a young athlete or an aggressive executive, D3 Lemfo always be at your side and help you in your day to day and here we will tell you where you will be able to get the best price. Lemfo D3 review follows.


With the presence of smart watches becoming more evident in our daily lives, they have not been few that railed at the beginning to now be faithful consumers of this type of mobile devices. And no wonder because the range of roles they can play in our daily lives is quite large and are becoming, little by little, as similar to having a personal assistant in our private lives, whether for business or well for our moments of leisure.


The Lemfo D3 is a smartwatch equipped with a Mediatek MT2520c processor, which is the processor’s smallest market today SoC (to give you an idea, the processor is smaller than a quarter of a card type micro SIM). This processor features an ARM EJ-S core operating at 260 MHz and an internal cache of 4 MB. The processor is accompanied in performance of 128 MB of RAM and 64 MB ROM which can be expanded by the user by using an SD card mico to 128 GB. What what would want to have as much storage capacity?


Well, to put in his memory all the music that we fancied playing with him, for example. For this, the Lemfo D3 has Bluetooth 4.0 as connectivity to wireless networks, which can connect to any device that supports this standard to play our music without cable.

The screen is 1.54 inches and has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels in an IPS matrix that is more than enough to access the different internal phone features, such as making calls with hands-free control messages we arrive and access are called “health functions” as they are the heart rate control, monitoring sleep, activity tracking, etc. It also incorporates a clock with both stopwatch, alarm clock and timer as an application used to locate the device in case of loss.

Lenfo D3 battery is 250 mAh which can give us a range of up to 3 days standby and up to 8 hours talk time.

You can buy the magnificent Lenfo D3 in store Light in the Box at the fantastic price of € 19.47 and you can find there in three different colors: Black, white and green phosphorescent.

If by chance you have a child who does not know how to be still and has a tendency to lose sight of this other smartwatch can help a lot to have him controlled as it has several built like a detector is unfastened her belt functions or if the child is inside a security zone that have previously defined, an emergency button and works as bidirectional transmitter between the own device and another that we set.

For those who have young children, this device the truth is that we would really helpful and we provide much peace of mind when leaving our children playing. And above all, it is also very simple that a child can operate without too many problems in case of emergency or simply to communicate with us.

This second smartwatch you can also get into the store of Light in the Box at great price of 29 € and is available in pink and blue, yellow.

Nox Hummer H-312 heatsinks for modern motherboards

Nox has launched the new Nox Hummer H-312 which is a heat sink for universal processors that are incorporated into the family Hummer cooling in the series. The H-312 is the latest model of 12cm range of dissipating the Hummer series processor, a complete high quality solution that combines outstanding performance, quiet operation and excellent compatibility.

Nox Hummer H-312

This is a heatsink that comes equipped with 4 copper heatpipes 6mm diameter and a large aluminum radiator combined for efficient heat dissipation processor, be it brand name it. Incorporates a fan H-FAN incorporating rpm control using PWM for convenient automatic speed control via the motherboard. With a slim profile and built at an angle, the H-312 ensures maximum compatibility with RAM modules. Its assembly system is simple and secure and ensures perfect contact pressure and maximum comfort in all current sockets.

The central column of M-312 is made of aluminum and provides support and firmness to sink and radiator also gets ensure continuous and perfect contact with the heat sink base surface processor integrated heat sink. The H-312 heatpipes are made last CNC technology to achieve a flat surface on the base and provide direct contact with the surface processor.

Nox Hummer H-312 review

H-FAN PWM H-312 provides a superb very quiet static pressure, excellent performance on heatsinks and operation. The H-FAN PWM has the bearing system Hydraulic Bearing, corners stickers anti vibration and a new blade design optimized for optimal static pressure and increased performance in terms of airflow. In addition, the H-312 incorporates mounting hooks for the installation of a second fan if users want to maximize the cooling capacity of the Hummer H312.

As for the installation of the new Hummer H-312 it is quite simple, since it is possible to install it in a few steps swiftly. you only need to choose the socket depending on the system, secure it to the plate and place the sink with metal anchors.

The new H-312 will be available in Spain in mid-May with a recommended 34,90 € PVP.

Polaris 10 and 11 specifications unveiled

According to TechPowerUp, industry sources have informed some interesting specifications of the next two GPUs that AMD will launch the market, graphic Polaris 10 Polaris 11 , both based on the fourth generation of graphics architecture Graphics Core Next.

Polaris 10 and 11 specifications

Although this leak comes first hand from one of the most important sites worldwide hardware must catch it with tweezers, as always, for there is nothing confirmed by the manufacturer. According to report, and we already knew, AMD is preparing two GPUs, one for midrange and one for the so-called industry performance (not high-end, eye).

Ellesmere GPU performance will be the sector and will according to the source with 32 CUs (Compute Units) and not 40 as previously thought. Assuming that each CU has 64 Stream Processors, this gives us that AMD graphics Polaris “Ellesmere” will have 2048 Stream Processors, yet these graphs have a power of 5.5 TFlop / s according to AMD.

While Hawaii AMD graphics have a TDP of no less than 250 watts, the new chips will have as much a TDP of 150 watts, which would allow AMD to put a single power connector 8-pin, as it has done NVIDIA its new generation, and as it did already in the R9 Nano AMD. According to the source, these graphic Polaris will have 8GB of GDDR5 / GDDR5X memory with a 256-bit bus, something we already knew well.

The “small” Polaris chip as techpowerup says, the midrange is called Baffin (as I have explained above). In this case count, according to the source, with only 14 CUs, ie, 896 Stream Processors nothing else. It would be the successor chip Tobago (Radeon R7 360) and a similar performance to R9 380 is expected, more or less. The good part of these graphs is that in theory will have a TDP of only 50 watts and will not need additional power connector.