WD Purple 14 TB hard drive gives more storage for security camera systems

WD Purple 14 TB hard drive review

WD Purple hard disk 14 TB is designed for security systems and which also stands out for its high durability as it is designed for 24 × 7 operation for many years.

Generally, products designed for 24 × 7 operation are of business scope, with manufacturing regulations much stricter than those for products destined for the consumer market and, therefore, have much higher prices.

This is the new addition to the family of products for video surveillance and security systems of the company, now with a capacity of 14 TB to further improve the capacity of these CCTV systems. It is, like the rest of WD Purple products, designed for operation 24 hours a day and also optimized to store large videos inside.

Thus, now the company sets the maximum capacity offered in this family of products at 14 TB compared to the 10 TB offered so far.

It incorporates Western Digital‘s exclusive AllFrame technology, which improves speed when recording video on the disc, while reducing the chances of errors, pixelation and interruptions that could occur in video recording systems.

In this case, logically, they have no guarantee of operation in non-optimal conditions of temperature and humidity, since after all they cease to be normal hard drives, although optimized for their specific function.

The 14 TB hard drive is already available in the company’s usual distributor network.