Weather Tracking Software & Why Your Business Needs It

r outages — no matter what form it takes, bad weather rolling in can threaten your business’s continued operations and the safety of your customers and personnel. With advance warning, you can take measures to limit the impact that severe weather has on your business. Advance warning is especially critical for businesses that have significant outdoor operations. If your organization manages outdoor facilities like parks or golf courses, you can keep your employees and your clientele safe by clearing hazardous areas in advance of lightning strikes, for instance, and keeping staff and visitors informed about upcoming threats.

Weather Tracking Software

Storms can mean financial losses, too, of course, if there are interruptions in the continuity of your business’s services or products. Even aside from the obvious problems with interruptions of utility service or dangers to your local staff or customer base, lightning affects the entire grid upon which so much of today’s business activities function, so it’s a concern even for businesses that run wholly or mostly online.A real time lightning API, or Application Programming Interface, can give you advance notice of potential weather threats that might affect your service and product availability and thus your continued profitability.

Aside from helping you protect your personnel, customers, and financial bottom line in the event of severe weather, weather tracking software can help your business in more day-to-day ways, as well. The data collected, analyzed, and reported by Earth Networks can even help you predict energy consumption based on weather patterns, so you can manage budgetary projections for utilities usage.

Finally, no matter what kind of business you have, weather tracking software can help you leverage weather-directed advertising that targets specific audiences based on regional weather patterns and events. Whether you sell generators, snow boots, sundresses, recreational boats, or plywood, your products or services might be more attractive during certain weather conditions. With the data obtained from world weather data, you can design climate-specific and weather-related advertising campaigns – or at least make sure that you don’t run out of stock on a product that is in high demand during adverse weather.

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