What is best data recovery software?

So many people come to realize the importance of data recovery software only after losing their data. That is why we suggest downloading and installing an application like EaseUS data recovery wizard. While there are tons of software recovery applications out there, not all of them user-friendly yet brimming with features like the one we are going to talk about here.

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The EaseUS data recovery wizard is data recovery software that helps you recover formatted, lost and even deleted data from your computer’s hard disk, drive, SSD or even removable media like USB flash drives. It is available for both PC and Mac operating systems and both share same list of awesome features.

Using it super easy. Download this free data recovery software from official website and install it on your computer. Mac users get DMG file which has to be dragged to the Applications folder. Windows users will be guided with an easy-to-follow installer.


After the installation, launch the application and select the file type you want to recover. Let us say, you lost some amazing music files from your USB flash drive so in that case, only check the Audio. If you are unsure about the type of file size, select “All file types”.


In next window, you will be asked to select the source. Since we are going to recover data from a USB flash drive, select that file. Now click Scan button located on the bottom of the application window. Quick scanning process will trigger and it will show you a progress bar on top showing you how much of the drive or partition has been scanned. You can pause or stop the process if you want to do it later.

Soon the quick scan will complete and you will shown a list of all the recoverable files. Click on the checkbox located right next to them and click on the recover button to recover them. Select the destination drive different from the source in order not overwrite the sectors of the drive.


However, incase you were unable to find the file, click on Deep Scan button and the EaseUS data recovery wizard will do a in-depth scan. This process will take longer time so feel free to get yourself a coffee or tea.


That is it – you have successfully recovered your lost files using EaseUS data recovery wizard. It is the best application to help recover your PC from disk damage; accidentally deleted files, virus attack, operating systems crash or partition corruption.

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