X2 SPARTAN 716: micro ATX case with three tempered glass panels for 60 euros

X2 SPARTAN 716 specs

X2 has returned to the load, where in this case presents the improved version of its SPARTAN chassis with some interesting developments. X2 has named this chassis SPARTAN 716 and would enter the boxes directly in S-Micro ATX format, since it will be able to house ATX sources and Micro ATX and Mini ITX plates respectively.

The brand has arranged this SPARTAN 716 chassis as an ideal box to carry, either with friends or LAN Parties everywhere. Its double handle system makes the transport function much easier, which together with its compact dimensions and cubic system help to that end.

This chassis is specifically designed for players who need the best performance in a small space, since X2 has equipped this SPARTAN 716 with larger chassis capabilities. Its capacity to accommodate large dissipaters is enhanced by the inclusion of a maximum height for these up to 160 mm, where we can install up to 3 additional fans : a fan of 1 or 140 mm on the front of the chassis, a rear fan of up to 80 mm and another fan in the upper part of the chassis of 120 or 140 mm.

X2 is equipped with this box of three panels of tempered glass, thus improving its aesthetics and where its front panel stands out above the other two. Said panel contains in its rear part a quite detailed Maya effect that gives a different aesthetic to the rest of the chassis.

X2 SPARTAN 716 review

Its storage will be enhanced by the inclusion of up to three units of HDD or SSD (2 for HDD and one for SSD) respectively, so initially the capabilities of most users would be covered.

Another aspect in this type of chassis that brings many head users is the GPU length allowed. In this SPARTAN 716 will come back to run into a small space of only 245 mm, but in exchange we can opt for SLI or Crossfire systems up to two graphics cards, a detail that other chassis do not include.

The front ports are quite short but on the other hand enough, delivering 2 x USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 along with an HD-AC97 on its front.

Tempered glass panels will provide rigidity to a structure that will be firm by itself, mainly due to the fact that SPCC steel of 0.5 mm will be the main material and thickness for this XART SPARTAN 716.

The total dimensions of this chassis will be quite compact, specifically occupying 216 x 315 x 312 mm respectively, which together with its steel chassis raises the total weight to 7.0 KG.

X2 will offer a guarantee on this 2-year direct chassis with them, while its availability at the moment is not clear, but should reach the main European stores soon at a price already with taxes of 59.95 euros, which catapult it directly to headboards in terms of quality / price refers to other very strong competitors within this very specific sector.