Xiaomi Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard specifications are excellent for typists

Xiaomi Cherry MX Red review

Yuemi, one of the many companies that is associated with the mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi, has just put on sale its new complete mechanical keyboard, as a continuation of the TKL model that the company presented last May 2018. And as usual Being usual in the models that come under the auspices of Xiaomi, the specifications do not have much to envy to the models of other brands.

It’s been a long time since Xiaomi stopped being a simple manufacturer of mobile phone devices, to diversify in many other fields, sometimes directly through its own brand, and other indirectly, through companies that work closely with the Chinese giant. A good example of this that we have just commented would be the keyboard Xiaomi Mi Gaming Keyboard, launched during the last month of August. Or the Y520 models, which were presented more recently in the month of October.

Xiaomi Cherry MX Red reviews

The keyboard that Yuemi now presents is a complete mechanical keyboard model and, like switches, the keyboard uses the popular German brand Cherry. Specifically, it uses the MX Red model, whose axis has a distance of 4.5 mm, with a distance of only 2 mm in the course of this.

A distinctive aspect that Yuemi wanted to give to his new mechanical keyboard is the use of PBT. This plastic model is much more resistant than the usual ABS plastic with which they usually build the keys themselves, helping to preserve the integrity of these for much longer. The fact is that this is a type of material that is often used with some assiduity in the manufacture of keys that end up riding on high-end keyboards by manufacturers.

Xiaomi Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard review

Inside the keyboard, Yuemi has inserted a Sonix microprocessor, with ARM architecture of 32 bits, which has a sampling rate of 1000 Hz, so that all the activity of the keys is correctly registered on the keyboard, each time let’s press one of them

This mechanical keyboard also comes equipped with a key that acts as a switch between the mode that allows its use with the Windows operating system, and with its use with MacOS operating systems.

The best thing about this new Yuemi mechanical keyboard is the price for which it has gone to the grain. This is 329 Yuan, which is equivalent to 42.13 euros at the current exchange rate. Not bad for an entire mechanical keyboard man with Cherry MX Red switches inside.