Zotac GTX 1080 will turn your PC into the king of the party

Zotac GTX 1080 review

Zotac has been one of the first builders to show their model “no reference” the next NVIDIA GeForce 1080 GTX already falling. Made with a custom PCB, graphics incorporates multi – color LED lighting not only at the top but also throughout the backplate to create an atmosphere color around inside the PC case so we can highlight the most in the LAN Parties without resorting to cold cathodes or LED illumination in the box itself.

To perform this demonstration of potential color, Zotac has used installing a panel in the backplate acrylic graphic, so that they can install RGB LED strips just below. The acrylic panel LEDs not only protects but amplifies its lighting creating a whole atmosphere of color the user can control at will through the software that the manufacturer provide you with graphs. According to Zotac its intention with them is to create a neon light effect but logically using LED technology.

Yes Zotac has not revealed the characteristics of these graphs. Hopefully when your custom model with modified PCB and own sink, expect some level of factory overclocked, especially because the manufacturer has changed among other things food, instead of using a single PCI-Express connector 8 pin having the reference model, uses a connector 8 and a 6-pin as in the last generation to provide the graphics for an extra energy to maintain high levels of overclocking.

In the image shown Zotac, which is only one, yes you can also see a capacitor multi tantalum phase through the backplate, which gives us to think that the manufacturer has strengthened quite area VRM of the graph.

At the moment as we told Zotac it has just published this image, so there is no specific values, or release date much less price. Playing wait, but as you will know not lack almost nothing to find out.