Zotac Magnus EN980 review: an amazing mini PC

The Zotac Magnus EN980 is a manufacturer of high-end solution. Carved at the fair, she manages to nest high performance components: Intel Core Skylake processor and graphics chipset Nvidia GeForce GTX980.

Zotac Magnus EN980 reviews

Not necessarily buying the century then, or so it was way be a fan of the concept of mini PC game. The Zotac Magnus EN980 could change that with the appearance of a GTX980 chip that should put the record straight performance point of view.

We do not know the price of the beast, we do not know its exact release date. It will be exhibited at Cebit 2016, when we will probably have more information on embedded Intel Skylake chips.

Zotac announces the presence of yet more than enough material to toy with a virtual reality helmet. An interesting idea because with a generator in a backpack and your Zotac over, you can put your VR goggles to run like crazy in your favorite games in immersive. No more talk of Steam Machines, the future c is the VR.

To be more down to earth, the announced specifications are correct as usual: It will be possible to connect four displays to the machine through a combination of HDMI and Display Port ports. The rest of the connector will be just as generous with the USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Type-C, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, 802.11ac WiFi and the usual myriad of connectors that the brand never fails to implant.

Zotac Magnus EN980 review

The cooling will be entrusted to an integrated water-cooling system house, heat pipes and sinks should leave the machine in the bar annoying decibels. And Zotac is quite good in the field, most of its mini machines are surprisingly pleasant to use a noise point of view.

If the price is not stratospheric, that Magnus EN980 is likely to be monitored.