Amazon Spotlight Cam Plus is a outdoor security camera with sensor light

Amazon Spotlight Cam Plus

Amazon has started pre-order sales of the outdoor security camera Spotlight Cam Plus, which is a security camera that is battery equipped with a sensor light. It will be shipped on March 15 with price tag of 183 USD. An optional USB Type-C connected solar panel is available for 59 USD, a power adapter for 40USD, and a spare parts kit for 2 USD.

In addition to the functions of a security camera, Amazon Spotlight Cam Plus integrates a bulb-colored sensor light, color night vision, two-way voice response, live video, and a siren function that can be turned on and off remotely. In addition to receiving notifications with the Ring app and checking live video in real time, two LED sensor lights illuminate the surroundings when human movement is detected at night in preset motion detection zones.

Amazon Spotlight Cam Plus features a detachable and rechargeable quick-release battery and up to two can be installed is used, and no power supply work is required, so it can be installed in various locations. In addition, it is also possible to supply power through an optional solar panel IP55 grade dust and splash proof specification or a power adapter always on according to a schedule, equipped with an IP65 grade cable.

Paid users can experience the Ring Protect Plan for free until September 30th 2023. With this plan, you can save/confirm/share videos and still images taken with Ring, as well as set snapshot function at set intervals, notification with snapshot, notification/recording only when motion is detected. This plan can be used from 2 USD per month 27 USD per year or 9 USD per month per registered address 9 USD per year.

The recording resolution Amazon Spotlight Cam Plus is 1080p and the viewing angle is 140 degrees horizontally. Wireless is IEEE 802.11b/g/n, operating environment is -20.5 to 48.5 degrees. The main body sizeof Amazon Spotlight Cam Plus measures 76.4 × 80.5 × 126.2 mm, and the main body color is white and black.