Root ATT Galaxy Note i717

Galaxy Note i717 is an amazing phone, but you can do much more after rooting it. For example, you can install apps to underclock or overclock it. You must root in order to install custom CWM which is required if you are going to install a custom ROM on your Note. To enable tethering on i717, you will need to root first so that you can install Titanium backup on it. Here are the steps on how to root your Galaxy Note i717 phone.

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Galaxy Note i717r Roger Firmware

Galaxy Note i717r Roger FirmwareFlashed a custom ROM on your Roger Samsung Galaxy Note (i717r) and now want to go back to the original firmware. For this, you will have take back phone, pda and CSC version to the following version numbers:

Build info Jan 6 2012

You must use the firmware with ODIN only.

1, RWC_signed_Q1_USA_1221.pit (3.89 KB) PIT FILE
2. ABOOT_SGH-I717R_I717RUXLA2_user_CL875155_REV00.tar.md5 (1.54 MB) BOOTLOADER FILE
4. I717RUXLA2_phone_secure_Q1_ROGERS_REV_00_CL870799. tar.md5 (26.09 MB) PHONE FILE
5. SGH-I717R-CSC-RWCLA2.tar.md5 (9.19 MB) CSC FILE

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Samsung BT S Pen MH5100 Review

Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet comes with a stylus built in but if you find it unconformable in your hands, you can opt for the more pen-like MH5100. This Samsung accessory is much more thicker and feels great in hand.

samsung mh5100 review

It provides much more functionality than the D-pen as it lets you use it as a headset. Just connect your N8000 or N8010 via Bluetooth and then you will be able to make calls from your tablet, just like a normal phone.

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Cell Drive USB Device Review

The Cell Drive is a USB stick drive that offers up four gig of storage. But not only that–it also charges with that same USB connection to provide a portable power source for a variety of devices. It even includes a whole set of connector prongs allowing you to plug that variety of devices into it. And, just to top it all off, it will even allow you to sync your mobile device with your laptop.

Cell Drive USB Device Review

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Ballistic Tough Jacket for Blackberry PlayBook Review

The Ballistic Tough Jacket for the Blackberry PlayBook is a lot like most other Ballistic cases, especially those we’ve reviewed here previously. It offers up multi-layer protection, including an inner, flexible layer that surrounds your tablet and a much more rigid outer layer. Both layers include slots for your various ports to still be accessible, like your camera and volume controls, and the inner layer clips into the outer layer. Plus, the outer layer also includes a kickstand so you can use the tablet on a flat surface, like an easel.

Ballistic Tough Jacket for Blackberry PlayBook Review

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