BooqPad iPad Case Review

The BooqPad case is an iPad folio case, covered in what both looks and feels like actual leather, though for those of you concerned about animal rights, you needn’t be worried as it’s leatherette. And meanwhile, on the inside, it can contain two tablets: one your tablet PC of choice (though it’s specifically geared for an iPad, you can fit something smaller in there without much incident) and one a 6 x 9 tablet of actual unlined paper. You remember paper, right? The thing a lot of people used to read their news on? Well, you’ll have a whole tablet’s worth of it included, and you’ll be able to swap out that tablet as need be. Plus, it even has a couple slots for holding either pen or stylus.

BooqPad iPad Case

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TRTLBot TRTLStand iPhone Stand Review

The TRTLStand is a simple, basic affair that serves as both a bumper case to keep the Antenna gate issues on most iPhone 4s at bay, but comes with a special extra feature: a rear-mounted kickstand that drops back with a flick of a fingertip over a notch that holds it in place. Next thing you know, you’ve got an angled support for your conversations or various other touch screen endeavors.

TRTLBot TRTLStand iPhone Stand Review

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Mini Digital Microscope For iPhone 4 Review

Chinavasion’s Mini Digital Microscope for Apple iPhone 4 offers up, very simply, a microscope with an included frame, so it can attach easily to your iPhone 4’s camera aperture. From there, you’ll be able to open up a whole new look on things with its 60x magnification. Plus, you’ll even have a couple bonus options in the form of a pair of LED lights, as well as one extra light that shows in ultraviolet, as well as a sliding focus.

Microscope For iPhone 4 Review

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